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 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber, Day 02

HE_Reigns asked for


Annie, greetings. He passed over that point fairly quickly.

Earlier though, Don Courville the moderator said he didn't know how the meetings were going to be reproduced, yet (eg DVD) but... In other words, there was a strong implication that Greg will be working on an answer to that question, which is yet to be announced.

Possibly you will be able to download on to CD or DVD from a broadband outlet at a library - whether to watch, or listen only. Audio only is already available for download and most of the talking has been reasonably short - each less than an hour.

If you look at the ipod option in the Revival Conference links, I think it will tell you how many minutes. By tomorrow, they may all go on a three or four 80 minute cds for you.

 2007/10/25 9:46


Hello markhamJ,

I wonder if you are new to SI, because you appear to be unaware of one of our most dearly held conventions here...? That rather than directing our comments in a questioning way at the spiritual character of another poster, we look more closely at the topic they are addressing, and if possible, by a clearer exposition, show them a better way to understand it.

The scripture has an example of how this can be done:

Acts 18
24 And a certain Jew named Apollos, born at Alexandria, an eloquent man, [i]and[/i] mighty in the scriptures, came to Ephesus.
25 This man was instructed in the way of the Lord; and being fervent in the spirit, he spake and taught diligently the things of the Lord, knowing only the baptism of John.
26 And he began to speak boldly in the synagogue: whom when Aquila and Priscilla had heard, [b]they took him unto them, and[/b] [u]expounded unto him the way of God [i]more perfectly[/u][/i].

In this thread, the topic is prayer, and what we are looking to God to work in us.

If I may add,

I doubt that you have the power of God to heal the sick or raise the dead

is not a universal standard by which to judge whether a person knows the Lord, nor to know whether he is being obedient to his calling in God.

If these are part of [i]your[/i] giftings, that's wonderful. :-) Praise God!

 2007/10/25 10:10


I've followed your prayer postings and find your use of the word more like that of witchcraft that anything, here is what u said: (Use the Word of God, but tell us what you are using it for.) We don't use the word of god like a credit card to get what we want or manipulate others through soulish incantations from gods wholly bible.

If I may speak for the majority of believers that use this site. We are a people that want God to move in extraordinary ways, and to see souls saved in mass droves. Each called out one that uses this site has such a reverence for the word of God that they are careful how they "use" the word of God. We have been down the road with the "name and claim it" Carleton's, but we have found that there was no life there. We also have been where the legalists were and the liberals, but we found death in both camps. Now we have settled into where we are clinging to the cross of Christ and taking the faith that has been given to us and have given our lives over to the one that we can trust in bringing us into that rest.

Even though some of us may be still children and we will quote scriptures over and over again thinking that it will somehow get into our spirit. It should not be considered witchcraft, rather a growing process. I used to be so much like this, but I have grown in the LORD and that method has dropped off me just as the Apostle Paul once said, "they perish with the using". Of course he was speaking about "taste not, touch not, handle not", I think we can apply it to this as well.

Nay, we are careful to even open our bibles today, because the mirror of Gods word is pointing back at us if we ever use it to satisfy self. Yes, you'll find the odd arrogant fellow believer that dawns our forum and speaks words like that of a "Blab and Grabbed it" type spirit who abuses the word of God to satisfy his lustful desires.

But then again, there is nothing wrong in quoting scriptures over and over again. It all depends on our motive. I may be deep in prayer even intercessory prayer and the only words that keep flowing from lips are, "Oh LORD... in wrath remember mercy" Hab3:2

Our motive must be right.

Thank you Mark for your admonition, it was a good reminder to keep us all in check. Praise the LORD!

 2007/10/25 10:36

 Re: CANTON: From a prayer chamber, Day 02

Church – a setting in which brokenness has opened for Life to minister.

 2007/10/25 17:31

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I think that these statements regarding prayer and revival are worth looking and praying through over and over again.
I dare to add a quote from Ravenhill’s “Sodom had no Bible”:

“I am convinced that in the current welter of confusion, theological as well as moral, there are still many asking, ‘Is there any word from the Lord?’ They are not interested, preacher-friend, in your theological juggling act, your elastic vocabulary, your re-hashing of some recent political event or the near doom of the stock-market. They want the word of Redemption.”

 2007/11/2 5:03Profile

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I think that these statements regarding prayer and revival are worth looking and praying through over and over again.
I dare to add a quote from Ravenhill’s “Sodom had no Bible”:

I fully agree I have printed them out and look and prayed over them. What a blessing they have been for me. Why? they are a everyday brother, speaking from his heart of what God is showing him. This is beaitful to me. THis brother, prayer and speaks. What a wonderful joy to see the heart of one brother. I can see that this brother is a Man of God. A man of prayer. A Man to be honor and repected. He may not be a Pastor I don't care he is kind and loving and has a heart that is after God. That is something to honor. He is real and open with other. Don't miss my brother, Here a great man of God. To be thanked. Thank you walkington

In Christ


 2007/11/8 12:56Profile

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