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That's WHY you have a husband Sis. I was just reading the day before yesterday, how the man was built by GOD to "protect" the woman. It was neat to see how beautifully HE created us women and men differently. HE will increase your faith as is needed but for your husband to be out there and you not quite so secure is rather "womanish". :-) I praise God that you have a husband to lean on. Bless You Jesus.

What you're doing now is great. It's funny how HE provides the "strength" once you get "in" the thick of it.
I have no strength at all. But when I get to the Nursing Home to visit all the folks - it's like the Holy Spirit does this Wooooosh thing and I'm totally unconscious of my weakness.
Then of course I collapse when I get home, but with a big smile. Bless Jesus and His miraculous empowering when needed.

I'll be praying for you. There's just something about putting our eyes on others more needy. Huh?

Maybe you're not called to do the heavy duty work. We'll be praying that He'll show you your calling there. Amen.
LORD Bless you for even being "willing". Alleluia. HE LOVES YOU !!!

 2007/10/29 13:54

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