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I will warn you... that is an R-rated movie, and for good reason. This movie holds the teachers up as heroes, however in light of scripture they are unregenerate lost souls. I only suggest this movie because it does a good job of representing how awful schools were... in the 1980's. Compared to today, it's much worse now.

I loved the movie when I was a kid. Now I find it repulsive.

By the way, yea... just turned 40 a month ago.


PS... before someone accuses me of casting all public school teachers as unregenerates, I am well aware that many are not. In fact, I am all for Christians becoming public school teachers IF, and only IF, the reason they want to be public school teachers is to make a difference for Christ in the public schools.

 2007/10/23 14:52

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Thanks for the warning. I looked it up and I won't be watching it. I knew as soon as I saw Nick Nolte, it wouldn't be something I would want to see. It is amazing how things we liked when we were younger (or unsaved, whichever applies), just don't appeal anymore. I always hope that just means that God is working that out of me. :)

I went to public schools and they are way worse now. How can people be so blind.:(


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Yea, that was kinda my point. I hesitated recommending that movie, but it so illustrates how backwards the world has it. I dont have the stomache for those kind of movies either.

Anyway, you get the idea of what I am talking about.


 2007/10/23 15:53

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How saddened I am by your input in this thread as it echoes what I know to be true. My heart yearns to homeschool my children, yet it is not a possibility as a single mother. I agree wholeheartedly that public schools have a much greater risk of covering the light that our children might shine in such a dark place. I too have seen the impact of public school on my own life as a "Christian" youth, and fear the impact on my children. My greatest fear in this world is that my children would choose to turn away from God and His ways as they are exposed to such darkness. Lord be with me and many others who must expose our children to the depravity of this world daily.

I pray that many Christian parents who have the option of homeschooling, yet choose not to, would see the terrible risks that they are taking with their children's lives by throwing them into the lions den. My heart breaks daily while taking my children to school and I pray that the Lord would keep them from evil while they are still young and vulnerable.

Lord I pray; save this generation of youth from the world and the evil one!

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How saddened I am by your input in this thread as it echoes what I know to be true.

As I read the first half of this sentence I prepared myself to be rebuked... only to be broken in my heart for your situation.

It is tough, and in your situation it is nearly impossible for you to homeschool (tho somehow, some have made it happen). I dont have an answer for you, tho I wish I did.

Perhaps God has a Christian man out there for you and will make this a possibility. Perhaps God has other plans... I dont know.

But do know that my heart goes out for you, and my hat is off to you for having the guts to raise your children on your own. I dont know what that's like, but I know it is difficult.

Matthew 6:33 [i]But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and [b]all[/b] these things shall be added unto you.[/i]

Not some... all.


 2007/10/23 16:44

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We are called to protect our kids! That's what i am hearing you all say...and i agree. I, personally, prefer christian school (for the social setting and the social interaction it promotes with other kids) I think homeschooling is great! And my prayers go out to all the families who can't homeschool (for real reasons beyond their control.) But keep in mind that the home is the most effective place of influence and God is bigger than the school your kids go to! If your husband won't allow homeschooling or you can't afford christian school, or whatever the situation... have confidence in God that he will help you raise your kids and you train them up in the way they should go...and God is faithful to help you do just that!
I've known kids who went to public school (and i'm 35 by the way) and they turned out great and on fire for God...on the other hand i've known kids who were homeschooled and even spent 12 years in a christian school that won't darken the doors of the church house today!
"The home..." thats the place of Godly (or ungodly) influence. Be of good courage and take heart....God is bigger than the problems we face: yes, even with our children!
God Bless:
Roy Belt :-)

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I, personally, prefer christian school (for the social setting and the social interaction it promotes with other kids)

I agree with most of what you said, but that line I quoted above did make me chuckle... anyone who thinks homeschool kids dont get socialization is sadly misinformed about homeschooling. Are there some families that seclude their children from everybody and everything? I'm sure there are... but they make up about 1% of homeschooling families. There is so much for homeschoolers now-a-days. The old "socialization" issue is a joke to most of us.

I'm asked all the time "what about socialization?" to which I reply "I'm not trying to raise socialists!" LOL

It's become such a joke, actually, that on our van there is a bumper sticker that says "CAUTION: UNSOCIALIZED HOMESCHOOLERS ONBOARD".

As for homeschoolers and Christian school kids who grow up and reject God... I would blame that on the parents, not the style of education they received.


 2007/10/24 7:56

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