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letsgetbusy wrote:

I posted on this before under "OT Indwelling". I did some research to find that many of the giants of the faith believed in OT indwelling. I am of the opinion that OT saints were saved the same way and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost the same as us, they just used different terms. Pentecost was different because it was the first outpouring that was directed to all nations, not just the Jews.

I welcome differing opinions.

This isn't really a differing opinion, do you mean you don't welcome it? :-P

Just joking.

It's a difficult thing to "prove" either way. At least one kind of Christian grouping (among the more orthodox of the non-mainline churches) teaches that none of the OT saints were actually born again. As said above, I can see where they are coming from. I used to believe it merely out of respect for the men of God who taught it, but that's not a good reason for believing something - even the most Godly teachers can make mistakes.

This is the sort of thing that is difficult to "prove" Scripturally, one way or the other, so probably should be left to God.

One thing is certain, we shall meet OT men and women in heaven (assuming we ourselves "make it") ;-).

The other thing that is certain is that there is an eternal dimension to the New Birth. The salvation of mankind didn't [i]begin[/i] at the Crucifixion or at Pentecost, although the battle for our souls was won at Calvary, and the Spirit was poured out in a new way - to all who believed - at Pentecost.

The key question to me is: "Do [i]we[/i] who live the other side of Pentecost, in the fulfillment of the New Covenant that Jeremiah foresaw, have the depth of relationship with God that Abraham , Moses, Samuel, Jeremiah, and many others had?"

And if not, why not?

I find that thought extremely challenging.

Abraham was called the friend of God, Moses habitually spoke with Him face to face, Samuel seemed quite upset with the Lord for not telling him about the death of the Shunnammite woman's son - such was the closeness of their relationship.

And so on...

Yet there are difficulties with this view too. Why did Jesus say that the least in the Kingdom of heaven was greater than John the Baptist - who He also said was the greatest [i][u]born of woman[/u][/i]? Surely this must refer to what the Apostle John later wrote, that those who received Him were [i][u]born of God[/u][/i].

I find this quite perplexing, because it would be easy enough to make a case either way, as has been done on this and the other thread on this subject.

Probably it's another of the "paradoxes of God", where He deliberately doesn't spell it out for us very clearly.

Maybe its also none of our business... as Jesus said in effect to Peter, "What is that to thee, follow thou me!"

in Him


 2007/11/9 15:13

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