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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : WILL WOMEN PREACHERS GO TO HELL?

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quote]I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. (1 tim 2:12-14)

Now I'm not saying women aren't able to teach or that men are superior but why are so many women preaching when scripture clearly tells us that it is not ordained by God?

 2007/10/18 11:40


So I take it everyone either supports women not preaching or they're all at a paula white conference and its offering time.....

 2007/10/18 12:03

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So I take it everyone either supports women not preaching or they're all at a paula white conference and its offering time.....

Or you can take it that no one decided to reply.

Or you can take it no one wants to argue with you.

Or you can take it everyone agrees with you...

Or you can take it that no one wants to join you in causing a stir...

Josh Parsley

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OR you can take it that not everyone equates such "authority" with mere "sharing," "teaching" or "preaching."



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pm4Hisglory, welcome to sermonindex!

Brother do you know what you did today? You left three bombs, three divisive threads in few hours.

Brother, this is no chat room, there is an order here. And you must have respect to the others. These forums and fellowship has been build with years.
In a few days there is a gathering for the first time, and we need to focus ourselves on something else.

You don't have right, brother, to destroy something that has been build with years. [url=]MUST READ: SermonIndex Forum Disclaimer / Community Rules[/url] if not, please do.


What we expect

Conduct, consideration and charity.

As illustrative, picture yourself entering a home for the first time. You are a guest. You are polite. You wipe the mud off your shoes before entering. You make an introduction. You carry yourself with respect to your host.

Hopefully, you get the idea here. We have found that hosting a forum has all kinds of inherent difficulties.


-If you're posting a new topic, do not post something that has been discussed numerous times. Browse the forums first or use the Search function.

These subjects has been discussed countless times here, please use search button.
And please have a respect to this community. I hope you will consider these words and take this as an open rebuke if you feel, in the light of last part of Proverbs 6:19

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Sir I don't want to stir up anything except talk about biblical truths with hopefully biblical people. I just want to know peoples honest opinion and share mine.

 2007/10/18 13:59


Nobody has a biblical backbone anymore b/c they're corrupted with an emotional man centered gospel thats more concerned about being polite and politically correct then submiting to Christ's words that the world will hate you on my account.

WOMEN ARE NOT TO TEACH OR EXCERISE AUTHORITY B/C THE BIBLE SAYS SO, IT IS GOD'S WORD, HE KNOWS BEST AND HAS ORDAINED WOMEN TO EXCEL IN OTHER AREAS THAT MEN AREN'T ORDAINED TO BE IN...... I hope I don't step on any denominational toes, I hope I biblically crush them so God gets the glory in his ordained design.

 2007/10/18 14:28

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Act 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon [b]all[/b] flesh: and your sons and your [b]daughters[/b] shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

prophesy = G4395

prophēteúō; fut. prophēteúsō, from prophḗtēs (G4396), prophet. To prophesy.

(I) To foretell things to come (Mat_11:13; Mat_15:7; Mar_7:6; 1Pe_1:10; Jud_1:14); to declare truths through the inspiration of God's Holy Spirit whether by prediction or otherwise (Luk_1:67; Act_2:17-18; Act_19:6; Act_21:9; 1Co_14:1, 1Co_14:3-5; Rev_10:11; Rev_11:3; Sept.: 1Ki_22:12, 1Ki_22:18; Ezr_5:1; Jer_11:21; Joe_2:28). The foretelling or foreannouncing may be, and often is, the responsibility of the prophet, but is not the essence of that office.

(II) To tell forth God's message, hence the noun prophḗtēs (G4396), prophet, is the proclaimer, one who speaks out the counsel of God with the clearness, energy, and authority which spring from the consciousness of speaking in God's name and having received a direct message from Him to deliver. Thus one may prophesy without being a prophet in the strict sense of the word. A prophḗtēs, both in the OT and NT, is not primarily one who foretells things to come, but who (having been taught of God) speaks out His will (Deu_18:18; Is. chap. 1; Jer. chap. 1; Ezek. chap. 2; 1Co_14:3). The art of heathen divination, however, uses the word manteúomai (G3132), to soothsay, divine.

(III) Used once of the high priest, with whose office the gift of prophecy was connected (Joh_11:51).

(IV) As including the idea of praise to God accompanied by prediction (Luk_1:67; Sept.: 1Sa_10:5-6, 1Sa_10:11; 1Sa_19:20-21).

(V) Of false prophets (Mat_7:22; Sept.: Jer_14:14-15).

(VI) Of mockery by the soldiers guarding Jesus, meaning to divine, guess, give a response, with the dat. (Mat_26:68; Mar_14:65; Luk_22:64).

(VII) Specifically of the prophetic gift or chárisma (G5486), charisma, imparted by the Holy Spirit to the early Christians (Act_19:6; Act_21:9; 1Co_11:4-5; 1Co_13:9; 1Co_14:1, 1Co_14:3-5, 1Co_14:24, 1Co_14:31, 1Co_14:39).
Deriv.: prophēteía (G4394), a prophecy.
Syn.: apokalúptō (G601), to reveal; prolégō (G4302), to foretell.


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Sir, God is the same yesterday today and forever. So if He ordained the order to be A man over his wife then why would God change that. That verse has nothing to do with women preachers.

 2007/10/18 14:58

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so you think they cant be a preacher? but can they be prophets then? it seems to me this verse says so....


 2007/10/18 15:01Profile

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