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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : May 21st - Numbers 30; Psalms 74; Isaiah 22; 2 Peter 3

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 May 21st - Numbers 30; Psalms 74; Isaiah 22; 2 Peter 3


[img align=left][/img] Text/Audio: [url=]Numbers 30[/url] / [url=]Psalms 74[/url] / [url=]Isaiah 22[/url] / [url=]2 Peter 3[/url]


"Last of all, learn the utter folly and madness of those of you who are Christless. I know that those of you who are out of Christ, think that it is we who are out of our mind; but if there is such a thing as truth in the world, I beseech you to consider whether it you or us who are mad. I believe that you have peace - that you have joy - that you have pleasure - that you have comfort; but is it not true that you are an unpardoned, sinner on the road to hell? Your peace will soon be at an end; but ours is a remarkable joy, and yet you despise it. Do you know the reasonableness of joy? We are happy because the louder the storm, the nearer is Christ. We are happy because we have got a happiness which God has. It is God who has made us happy. If this is madness, I would that you all had this madness. I would that this town had this madness. I would that the whole human race had this madness - then would the world be happy. Do not, then, despise this happiness. Many of you who are sitting here tonight, know that you were never brought to Christ, never washed in his blood.. Yet how is it that you can live happy? Look around you, how many are dying Christless? Brethren, if you live as they did, you too will die Christless, and where he is you will never come. Amen." -Robert Murray McCheyne


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