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 Am I Seeking Revival In My Own Life?

[u]Am I Seeking Revival In My Own Life?[/u]

By Aletta N. Jacobsz

"Let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup" (1 Cor. 11:28).
Does my will clash with God’s? Am I willing for His will, or delighted without it?
Do I have an unbroken record of, "Yes, Lord," given gladly?
Can God write, "Victory" over my life (a) where other eyes see? (b) in secret when I am alone?
Do souls come to find help? Am I willing to locate the hindrance?
Do I have a tender conscience, reporting the very motives for a look, an expression in the face, a tone of the voice, a word, a deed?
Am I crucified to the world? Its passions? Outward adornment?
What about so-called innocent things, such as newspapers and TV, and the amount of time I spend on them?
Am I watchful to redeem the minutes?
What about quiet times that mean sacrifice?
Do I practice self-denial daily? In my friendships, my emotions, my money?
Are my tears ever sanctified? Are they merely for myself, or are they given for His cause and for souls?
Do I ever receive opposition? Do I grin and bear it, or count it pure joy? Do I speak kindly to my opposers?
Am I more keen to share His suffering than His joy?
When others do wrong, do I feel loveless to them? (a) or does it not even hurt me? (b) Do I criticize them in my heart? (c) Do I ever tell another? In what spirit? (d) Do I fulfill my duty of Leviticus 19:17 by rebuking him? (e) Is it hard to hurt him by speaking openly, or do I enjoy belittling him? (f) Have I been at some time or another guilty of the same sin?
Is another’s reputation safe in my hands?
Have I resigned forever my rightful rights for the sake of Calvary (comfort, respect, friendships, enjoyable and innocent pastimes, getting married, the special place in someone’s affections, self-defense, to sleep, to be ministered unto)?
Can I say, "Be ye followers of me in all things"? (Read 1 Corinthians 4:16 and 11:1).
Do I forgive readily, even if it be those from whom I expect most, and they are not sorry for what they have done, and even feel I am to blame?
Do I treat the outsider with more consideration, respect and victory in my spirit than those I live with?
Regarding those whom I love more dearly, (a) Am I overexacting, adopting the wrong attitude for the slightest offense? (b) Am I less careful about details: politeness, keeping my testimony true, etc.?
How much tenderness goes out to my defeated neighbor? How much prayer have I spent on him without telling my best friends about his defeats?

 2007/10/7 6:32

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 Re: Am I Seeking Revival In My Own Life?


I use to have real diffulculty praying for revival. I ask the Lord, why is that? Then I heard the word hypocrite so clear that it slashed me in the heart!

How could I pray for revival for others when I myself was not fully revived! I must allow God to deal with me and revived me first!

Weren't all the men who God used to bring revival were revived first?

So I spent a while allowing the Lord to sift me out, exposing my heart, getting rid all the things that grieves His heart without trying to think twice on it. If you don't obey quickly, you leave much room for the devil to tempt you back! Seeing my heart in the light of His word hurts, but I needed that to humble me. Through deep confessing (confessing clearly in detail all the the things the Lord showed), God also help me to look to Him for strength and victory! I looked to no man for healing,cleansing, and victory but Him alone. I spent much time meditaing on His promises. Through HEARING the word by meditations and prayer, God enlighten me and grant me faith to believe in His victory!

God grants faith. We can't work it up. Faith is a gift. Seek Him with all your heart. Seek to know Him, delighting yourself in His word and He promise to draw near to you. You don't have because you don't ask believeing He will give you! And many who do ask, ask for selfish gains.

Allow Him to expose your heart. He does it, not to condemn, but to purify. Look to Him only for healing and victory. God is a jelouse God and does not want you depending on man at all for only what God can give! And He will put you thru trials in order that you will learn to depend on Him alone and not yourself nor man.

Do not filipantly read His word or seek His word just for man. You must meditate on it slowly, let the word speak to you. It is not letter, but life. The word WILL cleanse and heal you. His word is powerful. Will divide bone and marrow and expose the intent of the heart. The word is life and will bring life in you if you read it with a right motive, desiring to draw near to Him.

Ask for grace. He delights to give it to His children that they will be more conformed to His Son.

Remembering that you are His beloved. In Isaiah He says that Isreal was a wall before Him everyday! WOW! God is constantly thinking about us all the time. He loves us so much and so deep! But many of His children can't see that because of faithlessness. Unbelief blinds us to God's promises, His love for us. Unbelief is the root of all sin.

God says the truth will set us free. Many are not free because they do not truly believe the finished work on the cross and the power of His ressurection.

I'm not saying I'm perfect, but thank God I don't live in condemnation like I use to. Many christians live in condemnation and that causes them to strive in works, being too self conscience instead of God conscience. Lay your eyes on Jesus. The gospel is really simple, so simple that you must be a child to understand. But men are like pharisees making it hard for God's people to enter the REST.

Look to Jesus and obey what you hear from His word or else you will forget who you are in Christ (james 1:22-24).

Psalm 119 is good. David depended on God to enable him to walk in all His ways. David understood man does not naturally desire holiness and cannot achieve holiness by themselves. He ask God to do these godly things in Him.


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Excellent. Thank you myFirstLove and Julian.
Praise His Holy Holy Holy Name. Amen.

 2007/10/7 14:07

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