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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Preaching at Mosque...Please pray!

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 Preaching at Mosque...Please pray!

Dear Saints,

Greetings in Jesus Name! I'm writing today to ask for your prayers. Myself and Josef Urban will be leaving for London, England on Oct 3rd to preach to Gospel outside of many of the Mosque in the city. Right now Muslims all over the world are observing Ramadan and so we will be preaching during the last ten days of Ramada at various Mosques. Because many Muslims observe this holiday and attend the mosque....Lord willing MANY will hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We will be open air preaching, witnessing one-on-one, passing out tracts ect.

One of the Mosque we will be preaching at is the London Central Mosque which was recently feature on . Here is the link to the story:

We are asking, if you would, to commit to pray for us from now until we return. We pray as the Apostle Paul, regarding the Gospel, that "we may make it clear in the way we ought to speak" (Col 4:4) and that the Gospel would come in "power, in the Holy Spirit, and with much conviction" (1 Thes 1:5) And that those who are bound by this false religion would find salvation through Jesus Christ. So we ask for your prayers (1 Pet 3:12) and intercession that through us Christ would be Glorified and Magnified and that men would turn to Him for Salvation.

Here is a link to Josef's newsletter about the trip:

[url=]Josef's Newsletter[/url]

Thank you for praying!

May the Lord Jesus Christ be Glorified!

In Him,


 2007/9/28 12:46

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 Re: Preaching at Mosque...Please pray!

May God be with you both and give you a gentle Christ-like spirit when preaching to these angry hateful people.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2007/9/28 12:52Profile

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The Earth

 Re: Preaching at Mosque...Please pray!

Many muslims live a life of fear and heart ache. Terror that they might go to hell and that they are not pleasing the god they think to be true. I hope that you are able to show them that they can pray to Jesus and that Christ is the way to salvation. Perhaps you may want to emphasize praying to Jesus. As muslims pray to different prophets or imams; you should greatly encourage them to pray to Jesus, so that they may be able to see the results and thereby seek to know more about Jesus and there by find Christ as the Messiah. And also to share that Christ loves them very much. That may be much better than beating them over the head and telling them they are going to hell if they don't believe Jesus is God, many muslims already have heaps of shame or guilt. That may not avail to any good if you try to heap shame and guilt upon them by talking about there sins over and over again. But I have read testimonies about muslims who began to pray to Jesus and then they ended up becoming a christian. Some of the things I have stated may be a good thing to prayerfully consider. Many could go back to there country, or english muslims whom you talk to, and seek to want to pray more to Jesus and want to learn more about the bible. Then God may work in them more and more until they see Jesus is the only way, instead of cursing there religion after they have been fasting so many days or condemning them. I'll be praying.


 2007/9/28 13:57Profile

 Re: Preaching at Mosque...Please pray!

Is the preaching being conducted in the Mosque or nearby?

 2007/9/29 16:33


Thank you everybody so much for your prayers, we cannot express how dearly important they are to us on this mission.

Jarona, thanks for the advice. You are right -these Muslims don't need to be heaped up with boulders of condemnation and guilt, they have enough of that already, they need the love and grace of Jesus in a living power encounter with His Spirit. It is a fine balance between Law and Grace, between preaching the thunderings of Mt. Sinai and the mercies of Mr. Zion. Only the Spirit of God knows every individual heart, and only as we stay submitted to Him and preach with His unction will we abide in His perfect will and see souls impacted for eternity. Please pray for us that we will abide in Him and say the things we ought.

AND, we will not be preaching inside the mosques (at least that's not planned), but outside and in the surrounding areas.

 2007/10/1 2:43

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Hemel Hempstead


did you find somewhere to stay?

Dominic Shiells

 2007/10/1 6:14Profile


did you find somewhere to stay?

Yes brother we did. Thank you all for praying. As Josef said we will be preaching outside of these mosque unless God grants us favor to go inside. Last year during Ramadan I went to the local mosque by my house. God gave me such favor. I was able to sit down at the evening meal with all the leaders and men of the mosque and explain why Salvation is only found in Jesus Christ. With God..all things are possible!

Thank you all for praying and please continue to do so. By the grace of God his sheep fold will grow and we'll have new brothers raised from the dead and alive in Christ!

 2007/10/1 9:38

Joined: 2007/1/30
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You remind me of elija! Haleluja!!!! Go for it bro,
And may Jesus be revealed for who he is and may alah be revealed for who he is
That principality is no match for Jesus.
May the same annointing that came upon Jesus come upon you!!!
Now Lord Jesus put a special hedge of protection around this team. Keep them safe and may many muslems be saved. Yes Lord.
......God bless you..David

 2007/10/1 10:24Profile

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 Re: Preaching at Mosque...I am praying!!!

The article you provided grieved my heart. Yes, I will be praying for you and Josef on your mission to London.
Lord, protect them and use them mightily to advance your kingdom amongst the Muslims and others who may hear them. May their hearts be white for the harvest. Lord, I pray that these two men would not be discouraged or confused any, but that you wiould give them clarity of mind. Lord, use them for your purposes!


 2007/10/4 13:15Profile

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 Re: Preaching at Mosque...Please pray!

That is oon fire!

 2007/10/4 17:33Profile

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