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I have not done a bible study on ghosts.


 2007/9/27 15:34Profile

 Re: The Occult


I believe a Bible study would help you to divide between the real and the unreal.

Entertainment productions about ghosts may contain the appearance of truths, but these are presented in a fictional setting laced with deceptions and lies.

All our souls need a deeply rooted stability in God Himself, His living word and the reality of the creation He has designed, (within which we find ourselves). As you become secure in this [i]true[/i] truth, it will provide a contrast with the other fictitious presentations.

The spiritual side of such a fascination should become clearer, as you look at scripture. The most important thing you can hold on to while you Bible study, is to do as little as possible to continue feeding this interest. That in itself will be tough, but I think you know it's necessary.

How to move forward from there can be addressed as you hear from the Lord more specifically, from His word.

 2007/9/27 16:18

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