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 Doctrine of Anhiliation

Can anyone tell me if any Godly men of the past or present, such as the revival preachers or respected bible scholars here at SI, preached the doctrine of Anhiliation. That is, the soul is eventually destroyed in the lake of fire and ceases to exist. I have never heard anyone besides a JW believe this until recently.

In Christ - Jim

 2007/9/24 8:59

 Re: Doctrine of Anhiliation

Hi Jim,

I've never heard this preached in this way, but I believe I struggled for many years with the concept of 'laying down my "soul" life', as if my having a soul was at variance with God's will.

Then the Lord spoke to me from Psalm 23 'He restores my soul' and I remembered that Jesus died to [u]save[/u] our souls; after which I stopped using and thinking in that self-destructive terminology.

Later, I found the concept of healing to the soul, healing to the spirit and healing to the mind (for some, these may be wrapped up in the truth that Jesus heals broken hearts), and began to retrieve some sense of inner being, mostly as the Lord Himself healed me in many tiny ways.

I think (without having heard of such a doctrine as you mention), had I not had a Bible and the Holy Spirit, I may have believed part of it! :-o

 2007/9/24 10:01

 Re: Doctrine of Anhiliation

Brother Jim, the greatest uproar I've heard against this teaching of Hell not being eternal, and the "burning away" of the soul is when Billy Graham came out with this belief some years ago.
It certainly became a 'hot' topic then.

 2007/9/24 14:54

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 Re: Doctrine of Anhiliation

7th Day Adventists also believe in the Doctrine of Anhiliation...I don't know of any Scripture that says this, but I could look it up a bit.


 2007/9/24 16:38Profile

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 Re: Doctrine of Anhiliation

Hi Jim,

The most notable christian scholars of the past with this view of hell that comes to mind is John Stott (Author of Cross of Christ) and Justin Marytr.

 2007/9/26 16:15Profile

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