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 About Oswald J. Smith

Here is an account of Oswald J. Smith recieving the baptism or filling of the Holy Spirit for Christian service:

The filling of the Holy Spirit.
'God has laid on me a burden for revival, and in order to accomplish this, I must have His blessed Spirit. 'Oh God, strip me of all that hinders the filling of Thy Holy Spirit.' I prayed till I was too weak and weary to do so any longer, then knelt at my bedside for support until I was nearly asleep. Then I lay down on the bed and prayed still, but weariness overtook me and I could only half pray and half sleep.

'God revealed plainly the one thing that has been cursing my life and which for weeks I have been struggling to give up- the reading of the detective stories in the Glasgow Weekly News. I could not see how it was doing me any harm, but at last I solemnly promised God I would read no more. When the paper came, I found myself wishing I had not promised, but nevertheless, I threw it in the stove, and surrendered all to the will of God. Then with my Bible open at Luke 11:13, I read, "If any of you then being evil knows how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall the Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?"

'I claimed His promise of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of winning souls for His glory. I claimed Him by faith; I believe He has filled me, although there were no manifestations such as Finney had. But the Word does not promise it. I believe He has filled me and that I will see manifestations in my words taking effect and souls being redeemed here.

'My life is changed since recieving the Holy Spirit- I cannot explain it but from that day I seem to have something extra, or rather, He has more of me. My mind has been at rest; a deep peace has stayed with me.'

Here is an account of what inspired Oswald J. Smith as an early Christian:

During Oswald's first year in Manitoba, he was deeply inspired by the ministry of Jonathan Goforth, who held services at the college on the Holy Spirit and prayer. His discovery of the autobiography of Charles Finney awakened him further to God's call to prayer.

"This is the most helpful and inspiring book outside the Bible. It has been wonderfully used of God to awaken me and has taught me to lay the very greatest stress upon prayer and the Holy Spirit to convert men. Oh, how feeble and weak I am of myself! I believe the greatest thing I need is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. If only I had that, I know God would use me."

Hungrily, Oswald devoured more biographies.

"These accounts of the lives of good men give me the most inspiration and help, stirring me to fresh zeal and self-sacrificing love."

Here is the testimony of the salvation of Oswald J. Smith:

The first stirring to ministry.
One morning, the Sunday School teacher turned to the boys and said, 'Any one of you boys might be a minister.'

Oswald responded immediately, saying, 'I will be that boy.' From that day onward, despite the fact that he had not yet been saved, he never had any desire to do anything else.

In 1906, at the age of 16, Oswald read of a great evangelistic campaign being conducted in Toronto by Dr. R.A. Torrey and Mr. Chas. M. Alexander. Day after day, reports came in of the great stirring in Toronto, of people travelling over 200 miles to get there, of attendances upwards of 3,500 people, of multiploed thousands unable to gain admission. The complete texts of Dr. Torrey's addresses were published daily, word for word. Moved, Oswald and his brother asked permission to go, despite the 94 mile trip.

While the glitter if the concert hall overwhelmed the senses of the country boys, it did not compare with the rapture felt in Oswald's heart as Charles Alexander led in the great chorus, 'When by His grace I shall look on His face, that will be glory, be glory for me.' When Torrey read Isaiah 53:5, 'But He was wounded for my transgression; he was bruised for my iniquity, the chastisement of my peace was upon Him, and with his stripes I am healed,' Oswald joined others at the front, signifying his desire for salvation.

Though he saw no great light and felt as though nothing was any different following his prayer, something happened very suddenly: as he bowed his head and put his face between his hands, tears began to gush through his fingers and the realization broke upon him that a great change had taken place. Christ had entered and he was a new creature; without a doubt, life would be forever different.

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 Re: About Oswald J. Smith

Thank you for posting this! Where can I read more?

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