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Tulsa OK

 Any holiness preacher in Tulsa?

Hi everyone,

I have been relocated to Tulsa OK, for about 3 months.Comming from Belgium i'm wondering if their is any godly preacher in this city where i can go and here the Word of God or a word from God.

By 'Holiness preacher'i dont mean an 'holiness movement preacher', simply someone who preaches God's truth in love,who has the anointing of the Holy Spirit in his ministry.Oops did i say anointing...that word is very merchendized in the 'city of faith' Tulsa.

I'm mot expecting to find any man of God like the late Ravenhil or Paul Washer or Zac Poonen; they seem to be 'rare species facing extinction',voices comming out of wielderness but i hope to find and hear some faithful minister of Jesus Christ preaching and walking the gosple of grace.

Many wild fires burn in many temples in the 'city of faith' i'm just looking for the one that is gentle, mild and holy.

God bless


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North Central Indiana

 Re: Any holiness preacher in Tulsa?

Well will get back with you soon. Have a dear brother in the Lord in Tulsa, we are coming out that way in Nov around the 5th. I will ask him where he goes.

debbi & rich

 2007/9/22 22:31Profile

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