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I'm offended that no one has apologized for not offending me... :-) j/k

Ravenhill said "I don't think you'll go to hell if you own a t.v. ...and I don't think you'll go to heaven if you don't."

I liked that. The pastor that taught last week at our fellowship on Sunday said something that I will try to get as close to how he said it (I thought of this as I read through these posts)

He talked about a bunch of people that we're asked to describe a christian. They talked about how they didn't go to movies, they don't drink, they don't hang out with people that do those kind of things...
Then they were asked to decribe Jesus. They talked about how He hung out with prostitues, tax collectors (worse than a prostitute almost), ate with them, talked to them, hung out with them, touched them where they lived...then he said something to this effect.

"Christians today are known, not for what they do, but for what they don't do."

I been a chewin' on that one...


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 Re: Abstaining vs. Doing

Josh (aka oarsman7),

Oh my goodness! I've been thinking about that too! I was planning on starting a topic on that, but... another poster kinda caused a lot of commotion on this forum and I didn't think it to be the right time. But yeah, things seem to have settled down.

In the past we've spent so much time debating on what we shouldn't be doing. How about we start sharing about things we have been doing, and I don't mean in a puffed up, spiritually prideful way, as to keep score on our heavenly brownie points or something. But just praising God for the opportunities He gives us to build relationships with others, whether with strong Christians, struggling Christians, or the unsaved world.

Maybe this should be started in a whole new topic. I don't know. But good points you made, "oarsmen7", especially the quote from Ravinhill. [laughs] You speak these guy's language better than I do!

Yolanda Fields

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 Re: New Thread

Maybe this should be started in a whole new topic.

Here you go... [url=]What I DO as a Christian[/url]


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