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 Re: Paul Washer?

No he had to take classes to learn Spanish. If he had got the gift of tongues as it is in the Bible, a real human language, then he wouldn't have needed to ;-)

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TimmyJoe wrote:
Hey Guys,
Back to the topic, I was listening to one of Paul Washer's true gospel messages (pt.2 or 3)and towards the end he says men should pray for a vision from God. He said people who preach visions are a thing of the past is nothing but academics, and we should believe in the supernatural. That is not an exact quote at all, but it was along those lines.


moe wrote; Timmy, we can see from many biblical references, Paul Washer's, and many others preachers lives. It is only possible to be comfortable and at peace, giving the message Paul gives without the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. Paul has been slandered, confronted, accused of being unloving, old fashioned, as well as many other things. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Paul just continues to give what God's gives him to speak, even when he is criticized, because he is not worried about what man thinks, but GOD. He is leaving the drawing of man to Jesus, by the WORD and the Spirit and not him. He focuses on letting God speak through him, not by human words of wisdom, but by the Holy Spirit's power. When you can detect a man is ordained by God and not just other men, then he has an effective message. But still, only a few will accept it. Narrow is the way.

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 Re: Paul Washer?

Has anyone ever heard Paul Washer's view on speaking in tongues?

Well, I figure there's a good reason why Mr. Washer hasn't been open about his views on the baptism of the Spirit, tongues, etc. So out of respect for him I'll be silent as well.
But I will say this--he reminds me in some ways of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

And here's a good message which may be of interest to you. It's the Q&A part of the 2005 Heartcry conference and the issue of the baptism of the Spirit does come up (though it seems like the message has been edited):

[url=]Questions about Seminary, Ministry and the Holy Spirit (HeartCry 2005 Conference Q&A)[/url]

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