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 Nigerian Pentecostalism Thriving on Miracles, Prosperity Promises

[b]Nigerian Pentecostalism Thriving on Miracles, Prosperity Promises[/b]

Millions are flooding to join Pentecostal churches in Africa where vows of miraculous healing and promises of pending fortunes attract the overwhelming population of sick and poor on the continent.

In particular, the West African nation of Nigeria is experiencing the fastest growth in Christianity in Africa with Pentecostal churches playing a large role in this development.

Nigeria is said to have the world’s third largest population of Pentecostals with 3.9 million members, following Brazil with 24 million and the United States with about 6 million adherents, according to the World Christian database.

But what makes Nigeria as well as other African nations unique is their heavy emphasis – moreso than Pentecostalism in the West – on miracles, which incorporate traditional African beliefs, and material blessings. ...

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