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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Things that will keep you out of heaven.

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I understand what you are saying this time :-)

would you have perished had you died then?

No brother I would have not.
The reason why?
Beacuse I did not know they where sin. You see what I have been trying to say is that you sin whith what you know to be sinful in God's eyes.

Will God then charge a person that was born in the middle of the Jungle with some sin that he did not know was sin.

In such cases they have a conciene that tells them of God's existence by the things that where created.

You see they are not little hethens runing around waiting for a preacher to preach to them the Gospel, they are monsters of iniquity who love their sin and whant to stay in them.
I think it was Paris Reidhed the one who said that.


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