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 Making The Church Popular

"In some countries today there is great concern among the large Christian bodies to make the Church popular. Every conceivable scheme is being brought into play in order to attract people to the Church. It is forgotten that the true Church can never be attractive to the world, and was never meant to be. It is something which is completely beyond the world's understanding. People are brought into the Church through the witness of the Lord's children who comprise the Church. When the life of Christ is expressed through a spiritual order, believers will maintain a witness that is spiritually effective. Others will be regenerated, and they will be added to the Church, not because they, as worldly people, were attracted to it, but because they have been subject to a divine change which enables them to enter into life on a higher plane. The Church's mission is not to fit into the world, but to see men changed so that they will fit into the Church."
- John W. Kennedy

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 Re: Making The Church Popular

Amen. :cry:

Benjamin Valentine

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 Re: Making The Church Popular

Good Post, Greg.
God Bless

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I wonder if the old time pastors and preachers ever thought that most large churches would have to filed under a corporation in order to protect them from lawsuits and protect those in the congregation. It is definitely a corporation style more than a church. I think most forget that the church is for believers and not for un-believers. We try to get them in by enticing them with certain activities.

Do you think church has become more like a tool to evangelize than a place to build and to equip the body to go out and share to the lost?

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