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 A warning to those who seek Life

Continue to humble and soften your heart before him. We are living in the last days and there are many dangers that threaten to overtake us. Let us seek God and remember that he is the light and the life that will sustain and guard us. Guard yourself against that which is false by knowing that which is True as well as you can. The greatest threat against us in these days is a lukewarm church that Christ will spit out of his mouth. The heresy of modern North American "c"hristianity is killing it slowly. You brother or sister, seek God, bear the cross, forsake the world and follow Christ burning any chaff that gets in between you and him. Remember those who you can help. Remember those who need to hear of the God of the Bible. Pray pray pray. Arm yourself with the armour of the Spirit, not with the armour of man, which will deceive and comfort, but will never protect. May we continue praying for a revival, perhaps the Lord will hear the cry of a few righteous children and act on the behalf of many. Perhaps all we can pray for within God's will now is judgment. . . I have been praying for persecution that will burn away the chaff and force the Church into reality and Christ. It seems that the devil, in his cunning and deception, saw that a persecuted Church would grow, and so chose in our land to make all believe they are Christian. This is the worse and more effective lie of Satan. May we strive to be among the few, even the few within our own gatherings, who will be commended on the terrible day of judgment. Let our means be the cross, our end be Christ and let us do it only for his glory. May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of his suffering.

K. Tomalty

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