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I went to Grapevine in Lincoln.
My parents went there for the first time , My Dad likes David Carr. I went there just to support my dad.
There was things wrong with the conference as they did not use scripture or used it in the wrong way.
I felt polluted by some of the teaching.
It felt shallow to me.
There was one good talk on evangelism. Who was asking people to evaglise in his local area.
Are church left because of the toronto blessing and we set up a new church. It seems by mixing in this circle we are going along the same old path.
It was in the last meeting that my spirit got really affected until Stuart Bell spoke it was like the holy spirit left me.
Jesus deliver me from self deception or any deception and let me love what is true and go after what is pure.
Has anybody had the same type of experience so I can talk to my dad

They talked about the spirit and the word coming together but they missed the word

Dominic Shiells

 2007/8/30 5:41Profile

 Re: Grapevine

Hi Dom,

I've never heard of Grapevine, or David Carr, but I know what you mean about scripture being expounded wrongly, and the Holy Spirit having to withdraw His presence for the error of it all.

It can make a person who knows the truth, physically sick.

People (maybe your dad's one of them) spend a long time looking for answers from God which say what they want to hear. They may not realise that's what they're doing, but, either they want a quick fix which means they don't have to face uncomfortable truth about themselves - their past, their sin, the changes God wants them to make in their lifestyle - or, they want to think they're part of an 'in'-crowd because they think this is where the blessing is.

Maybe also, they don't understand scripture [i]because[/i] they don't have the Holy Spirit, so they are depending on someone else's reading of it, for their guidance, instead of getting alone with God, and trusting Him to lead them.

I don't know what you should say to your father, but I do know it's safer to obey the voice of the Shepherd, even if He seems to be leading a lonely path, than to trust the many voices of earth, which accompany those on the broad path.

 2007/8/30 9:27

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 Re: Grapevine

From T. Austin-Sparks:

"On the one hand things, men, movements,
institutions, organizations; will predominate
and draw multitudes after them, and will
attach the crowds to themselves. On the
other hand, with a growing disappointment
and disillusionment over these, a minority
will turn to the Lord Himself to find Him
alone as their life."
"If the Christian is attached to some 'thing"
such as a teaching, a tradition, a movement,
or person; the end will certainly be a
limitation of life and eventually confusion
and disappointment, perhaps worse."

Are we following after a teaching, a tradition,
a man, a movement, an institution; or are
we following after Christ??

Martin G. Smith

 2007/8/30 9:43Profile

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 Re: Grapevine


I do not know how old your dad is, but too many times old people are not open to 'correction' by a younger person. Rather then debate theological issues, why not focus on heart issues instead? This is the heart of the matter, anyways.

Just a thought....


Sandra Miller

 2007/8/30 15:57Profile

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