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 What's to Come


Light the candles of remembrance and
Open the dust covered pages of faces
Both friendly and forgotten

Spend time in earnest and sincere prayer
For troubled minds and wounded souls

Mourn for opportunities lost and
Roads taken without peace or purpose

For one last hour, weep, for hearts hardened
By the injustice and cruelty, of lies and deceit

For in a time that is near
And in a moment that is soon to come
The wounds and regrets of this life will be left behind
The pangs of doubt and hours of anxious uncertainty will pass away
And all that has been promised will be given
Those that love God will hear his call
All who wait on the Lord will wait no more
For that final trumpet will sound
And the way shall be opened

All who yearn for the presence of God
Will leave this place of shadow and darkness
And enter into everlasting light

All those that have sought the will of the Father
Will stand on the shores of the sea called forever
And set foot at the place called beautiful
That sits at the foot of the mountains of glory

All that have suffered the torments of the unnamed host
Will journey up the river of life and walk on the plains
Of forgiveness, which are called "sorrows end"

All that have called on the name of the Lord
Will see the valley of the presence of God
And weep tears of joy.

All that have slept in the arms of righteousness
Will rise and walk to the place of gathering
Called "the hall of laughter" and greet their generations

All that have worn the armor of God
And brandished the sword of the spirit
Will kneel at the throne of the lamb
And receive the blessing of praise

All that have defended the faith will
Stand with the hierarchy of messengers
And weld the power of God

All who love God and recognize his sacrifice
Will rejoice and sing praises to the lamb
And hear the universe resound in harmony

All the beloved of God
Who have loved the coming of the son of man
And wear the white linens of the saints
Will walk along the shores of the timeless river
And climb the ladder of Jacob to the plateau of light
To stand in the place called wonderful
Wherein stands the abode of the almighty
And they shall dwell in the house of the Lord

All who have claimed the blood of the lamb
Will stand in the holy presence of almighty God
Hear his voice and know everlasting peace
Endless joy and perfect love

In a time that is near,
In a moment that is soon to come.

Rea '04

Ron A.

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