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 Check out this amazing video!

Check out this video on GodTube!


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 Re: Check out this amazing video!


Even before I popped it up on my screen, I suspected this was going to be the Lifehouse Everything skit, because I could relate to your favorable reaction to it. This is probably the best short skit I've ever seen. I've already passed this along to many people. (I am careful not to show it to very young children's a bit heavy.)

To me it shows the redemptive plan of God, from the book of Genesis, to the New Testament in a very effective 3 or 4 minute presentation. Church dramas often tend to emphasize emotional experiences, and yet while this one may indeed bring tears to your eyes, it also leaves you with some key theological ideas to mull over. In fact, when I first saw it, it was on a friends laptop in a resturaunt without the benifit of the music still brought tears to my own eyes because I could relate to it's visual presentation of receiving Christ's sacrificial love and atonement.

I put this video in my iPod so I can show it whenever the opportunity arises.

Thanks for bringing it up.


Mike Compton

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I agree this was really good...

On his love


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 Re: Check out this amazing video!

WOW!! What a picture of the battle for our
souls, the struggle against darkness and sin,
and our Mighty Redeemer calling and pleading
for us to run to His great love!!

Martin G. Smith

 2007/8/26 19:14Profile

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