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 emails and myspace?

Emails or My Space? Guys and Lady talking...

I can understand how some emails and updates and questions can be just fine, There is no harm.
Even a here and there hello. Now I have many guys friends that every so often write to say hi, or give update or hear how I can pray for them. My questions are more from those that talk more often through the web. and I know that there can be pure friendship online, what do you think? this what someone talking with about...

1 question- Is talking over the web like being alone?

When you talk with someone,- when email, no else see it so can it be like talking alone with someone?
What could be a danger of talking alone?
*When guys and lady talk alone is it natural for emotions to build?
*Being alone bring the risk of letting our guard down?
*Being alone the risk of getting hurt?
* Being alone, is base on one on one not a community
So can talking through a lot be seen as one on one?

2 question - Can it be seen as dating?

When people go on a date they spend alone time together? They talking and getting to know each other.
* So if talking a lot it could taken as dating or a date?
* So if are dangers if it could be seen that way?
* what are some lies we could believe, in thinking it ok or not?

3 question - should one go to the father to speak or date their daughter, is talking on line?
* if a young guy wants to talk with a young lady on line, should he ask her father if he may be allowed to get know his daughter more? If he wants to keep talking more..?
* what good be from young guys doing this?
Is it safe to date someone on line, whom you haven’t met?
Why are why not?

What are ways young guys and girls how use on line talking in wrong ways.?

I was talking with a older lady at my Church who thought that taking online was kinda like dating.. This what got me thinking about all this.. Please share with me what you think
I am not sure what I think on all this yet..


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 Re: emails and myspace?

Use discretion. Be guarded with personal
information. There are those who cleverly
disguise their intentions and seek those
who appear to be vulnerable and exploit
their weakness. :-o

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: emails and myspace?


I cannot speak with certainity as to whether communicating online with strangers is right in your case....I can speak from experience where I have found wonderful ladies and also a person of dubious character who presented herself as a person who wanted help. I listened, gave suggestions but she never responded to them. More emails after a long absense of silence and they came filled with details of sin committed and then my patience came to an end and she got mad....saying I am not a good listener, blah, blah, blah.

And I have a cousin who married a man she met online and he ended up being a drug abuser, spent time in the pen. Have another widow friend who met a widower online and they married and are doing well. So my counsel is if the Holy Spirit is raising red flags, He is doing it for your protection so you better listen..

My thoughts,


Sandra Miller

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 Re: emails and myspace?


I think this is a great question! I think as a sister in Christ we should be very careful sharing with others on line, more so even if it is a sister sharing with a brother on line. The two are alone in the conversation and it could open up situations for inappropriate conversation or even cause one or the other to have feelings in such a way that someone gets hurt. In my own experience I know of at least one marriage that actually came to a divorce when the husband began writing and then chatting with a lady in a Christian chat room. The emails were harmless at first, they talked about their family, church, and friends, but after awhile the husband began talking about his wife and struggles they had been having, the level of intimacy he felt with this other woman was now one where they were both openly chatting and writing about each others spouses and short comings. After just 6 short months they decided that they should meet after all they had become such good friends and had really been there for one another. With in a year his marriage was over, and he was involved in a full blown affair. I am not saying that all on line chatting and email will end like this but it does open the doorway and room for possible temptation. I really think as sisters in Christ whether single or married we should conduct ourselves on line as we would in everyday life. Would I write or chat with a brother about things apart from my husbands knowledge, No way. Would I want my sons chatting on line with young woman about things with out others around to help keep them accountable, again No. This is just my thoughts and what I feel Father has shown me over the years.

Thanks for the post
God Bless you

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"even if the guy senses the woman's interest, like my friend Brad, he has not made a direct offer to her and therefore feels no obligation to clear up the matter."

Do you think this is ture?
Do women assume to much?
"Women, on the other hand, need to assume less. A woman should not assume that a guy friend she's spending time with is: a) just too shy to make a move; b) thinking she's the woman of his dreams but the timing isn't right; c) in denial of God's will that they be together."

"Single men and women are failing each other. Uncommitted intimate friendships may satiate immediate needs, but they lead to frustration and heartache. Not to mention, for singles ready for marriage, these "friendships" waste time and energy."
How much and energy wasted on the computer?

our feeling can be unwise?
"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life" (Prov. 4:23). If a woman feels her heart longing for a man who's not pursuing her, indulging those feelings is unwise."

what should our time look like?

in his love


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Is talking over the web like being alone?

On a technical note, online communication is never like being alone. Email, private chatrooms, even PM's such as the one's here at SI, can ultimately be accessed and viewed by others.

The bottomline is if you are using technology to communicate, your communication is open to anyone with the technology to listen and watch.


Mike Compton

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