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Corey wrote:

In case you're upset that you're not getting the love you think you need from the people around you...... please remember that it's like this to drive you to God's arms

These are truly words of wisdom. I am only just realizing this.

One the one hand, I feel like God wants me to grow so dissatisfied with people and the world that I only seek His love for comfort and shelter...

Brother, I am at this point now where the dissatisfaction is with people and the world. I have been praying for a spirit filled pastor to come to our church. He arrived 1 week ago. I have spent today wondering why I am not filled with joy at this event. Now your post is really speaking to me, I must go on to the next step and seek His love for comfort and shelter. I had a moment of this on waking this morning. It was the most beautiful thing that happened.

On the other, I can still love them even if they don't love me back. I get love by loving.

This is where I am having to run to Him, because I just cannot do it on my own. The sin of not doing it is very loud.


 2007/9/23 18:10

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