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 Experiencing overt spiritual warfare

One of my friends called me the other night and asked if I may recommend some books regarding spiritual warfare. Knowing she is an established believer acquainted with the word, I asked her if she meant temptation and subtle influence, or the outright presence of demons.

She indicated that lately she has been waking up and experiencing the overt presence of wicked beings. This is not unfamiliar to me; I have myself experienced such things on occasions.

I recommended The Christian in Complete Armor and told her that generally the advice remains the same: resist the devil (and all his cohorts) and he will flee. I told her to strap on the armor.

Does anyone else have some books or articles they can recommend on the subject?

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 Re: Experiencing overt spiritual warfare

Hi Michael,

[url=]Spurgeon on Spiritual Warfare[/url]

I haven't read the whole book, but from what I have read and heard from others, it is very good.

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Thanks for this as well. Anyone else?

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 Re: Experiencing overt spiritual warfare

maybe you can find something here brother ----> [url=]Spiritual Warfare[/url]

I cant say everything on that site is good and ok in my point of view/opinion. So I advice you to use great discernment and double check with the Word as always but i have found some good things there too,

God bless


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 Re: Anyone Else

Hi Michael:

Was thinking about your request last night and remembered this:

I have found it and continue to find it helpful, practical and Biblical. It is by Warren Wiersbe: "The Strategy of Satan":


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The deepest and best work I've found thus far other than TCICA by Gurnall is [url=]The Mortification of Sin[/url] by John Owen.

A major factor in Christian warfare involves mortification, and though someone can read hundreds of books on fighting and faith, if they have an improper understanding of the principles of mortification, they will be cut down in the battle each time. All their time will be spent in the spiritual hospital, getting bandaged up, and nursing a wounded conscience. Not understanding mortification is like rushing out to the middle of the battlefield with a wonderful sword but with no armour! You may last a bit by swinging your weapon and yelling and kicking...but all it takes is one hit and you're an instant casualty.

John Owen wrote a wonderful treatise on mortification, and I think it's the best there far as I know. A.W. Pink also wrote a good paper on it. Study the deep principles of mortification prayerfully and your battle efficiency will increase exponentially.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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 Re: Experiencing overt spiritual warfare

I suggest you can save yourself some time and money by going to the LORD directly and tell Him what you are seeing, experiencing and ask for HIS intervention. Reading modern lit on this subject will have limited value because then you will become dependant on a [i]method[/i] to fix the problem instead of a [i]person[/i], and that person is Jesus Christ. This is essential in obtaining lasting, enduring victory.

Hope this helps...


Sandra Miller

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The Earth


Battling the Hosts of Hell and Demolishing the Hosts of Hell by Win Worley. Those are two seperate books both by Win Worley.


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I highly recommend the book [url=]Spiritual Warfare[/url] by Derek Prince.

It's very foundational and elementary, but that's what makes it so good. I was surprised how excellent this book was.

Eli Brayley

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 Re: Experiencing overt spiritual warfare

I've had some problems with this in the past too. Just being incredibly fearful feeling the presence of the demonic in my house. It's something I have just started to overcome... so hopefully I can help a little bit.

First thing I did was I prayed over my house. Charlene came over and prayed with me over everything. We claimed the house as God's ground, and told the enemy to go away. Every night before I go to bed I pray that God would build a wall of protection around my room and I also tell all evil to flee in the name of Jesus Christ.

Next thing I did was I looked over my room and prayed over what was in it. I believe that some objects or symbols can attract demons. I had all sorts of mythological pictures and dragons and a dream catcher... and although I'm not completely positive that all these objects attract demons (although some people have told me so). The best thing you can do is really pray over what is there and evaluate it... does this make my bedroom a holy place or is it attractive to evil? If after praying your spirit doesn't sit right with something that you have it's probably best to get rid of it.

Also, one huge factor that can cause the demons to have power is fear. We can become so fearful that it overcomes our ability to fight. Praying for trust in God and assurance becuase demons, no matter what they do, they have no power if we rebuke them. We give them power over us when we fear them. I've had demons talk to me and I've talked with others who have to live with actually interacting with them on a daily basis (of course they could be making it up which is possible). Anyway, fear is such a huge factor, at least it was in my case. I was so afriad they were going to show themselves to me because I knew they were there and I was terrified of seeing them. I think the best thing we can do is pray for strength, rebuke them, and pray over her house and her bedroom with the name of Christ. Claim it as God's ground, don't let it become enemy ground where it is hard to fight.

Demons are very real, and although they can't possess us, they can oppress us and we have to take this war seriously. I don't think that reading books is really the answer, that's what I first tried to do... but I found that trusting in God and fearing Him instead of the enemy was what I needed. Vocally rebuking them and claiming this ground as Christ's is something I have to do and I've been doing it daily since that night Charlene came to pray with me and claim this house as Christ's. And it's been a few months, and I'm really doing much better :)

Another thing, lol, is what evil are we allowing into our lives? Are we inviting evil? Now of course, we will get attacked when we are being used of God as well... but we can prevent some by living a holy life and not allowing evil stuff into our lives.

Hope something in all that helps lol. :)


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