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 Gen. 37-45: Lessons From the Life of Joseph (audio) ...

This is the type of thread that'll probably get very few hits but by you who are directed here because the name "Joseph" strikes a cord in your spirit to indentifying with, and if that reason why is because you senseour Lord's preparing you in lessons of enduring adversities toward a greater good as He did with Joseph, then the following sermon series will be of added blessing ... He directed me to these a little while back, and just caused me to re-listen to even added blessing, and now i'm moved to share them with you! ...

[color=FF0000]The links ending (=true) go straight to the audio .mp3 ... If that fails the link under goes to the actual page ...[/color]

Be blessed and encouraged! ...

[b]Joseph's Bad Start - Genesis 37: 2,3[/b]

[b]Joseph Prepared in the Pit - Genesis 37: 23,24[/b]

[b]Joseph Goes from the Pit to the Palace - Genesis 39: 2,3[/b]

[b]Joseph Resisting Temptation - Genesis 39: 9[/b]

[b]Joseph in the Prison - Genesis 39: 20,21[/b]

[b]Joseph with the Butler and Baker - Genesis 40:8[/b]

[b]Joseph 'Witnesses' to Pharaoh - Genesis 41:14-16[/b]

[b]Joseph Being Made Prime Minister - Genesis 41: 41-43[/b]
(A very sobering sermon for those of us who have a tendency to fret, "Why God are You allowing this to happen to me, and for so long"?)

[b]Joseph and His Brothers Together - Genesis 42: 6-8[/b]

[b]Joseph Tries & Tests His Brothers - Genesis 44: 1,2[/b]

[b]Joseph Revealing Himself - Genesis 45: 4,5[/b]

[b]The Benefits of Adversity[/b]
(Just a good, solid sermon)

[b]Also see Bro Greg's thread ...

"The Joseph Company! -wilkerson"[/b]

Blessings in our beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! ... :-D

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