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 Top 10 "forgotten" emergencies and devastations in the world today!!

I was talking about a Wilkerson book "Set the trumpet to thy mouth" and a subject came up. I then read "Revival God's Way" by Ravenhill and the same subject came up. The subject is that the secular prophets are the ones telling it like it is so who are the false prophets mainline Christianity or the scientist's? The secular scientists are giving the hard true message and we would do well to take heed. I think we should know these things so as to be sobered to the reality of the horrible days we are living in so that we can pray for them. As Peter says, "be sober for the sake of your prayer for the end of the ages has come upon us", God help us! Leonard Ravenhill said, "on judgment day when we are in eternity the days of now will look strangely dim and we will regret that so many of our prayer's were for comfort and not travailing over the lost who are bloody at our feet". When I read things like this it makes my problems seem so small and I am thankful for that because it awakens a compassion and then I am not so focused on self.

[u][b]Top 10 “forgotten” emergencies[/b][/u]

[b](AlertNet) asked more than 100 humanitarian professionals, media personalities, academics and activists which of the world’s “forgotten” emergencies they wanted the global media to focus on in 2005. Here are their top choices, with basic facts on each emergency.[/b]

1. Killing in Congo
Democratic Republic of Congo still smouldering after devastating 1998-2003 conflict known as "Africa's World War"

Seven other African countries sucked in at height of war
Millions killed since 1998, mostly due to disease and malnutrition
Mortality estimates vary widely, from 3 to 5 million. 2004 study by International Rescue Committee puts toll at 3.8 million
Valuable natural resources and legacy of genocide in
neighbouring Rwanda still fuelling fighting in remote east Violence hinders humanitarian programmes in food security, health care, water and education
Some 3.3 million people now out of reach of aid groups, United Nations says

"The worst humanitarian tragedy since the Holocaust. Five million dead, and yet the neighboring countries have gone unpunished as they drop in and out of the Congo to feed their greed. The greatest example on the planet of man's inhumanity to man."

2. Nightmare in Uganda
Eighteen-year insurgency in the north by cult-like rebel group known as Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)

30,000 children abducted by LRA and forced to serve as soldiers and sex slaves, according to United Nations
Rebels also targeting wider Acholi population, the largest group in northern Uganda, from which rebels themselves come
1.8 million people - or 90 percent of Acholiland region - driven from their homes into squalid camps

"Up to 100,000 people killed since conflict began
One of the most incredible sights in the world is to see every night tens of thousands of Ugandan children flooding in from their rural homes to spend the night in towns and cities. They are seeking safety from being kidnapped by the LRA."

3. Sudan's deadly conflicts
In Sudan's western Darfur region, attacks on black villagers by government-backed militia of Arab heritage have raised spectre of genocide

70,000 killed since March 2004 and up to 2 million displaced 4 million may soon need lifesaving aid, United Nations says
In southern Sudan, Africa's longest-running civil war has created one of the world's worst humanitarian crises
Fragile peace deal after 21-year civil conflict 2 million killed and more than 5.5 million forced from their homes
Simmering tensions in other areas such as Nuba mountains, Southern Blue Nile and Abyei risk flaring into Darfur-like conflicts

"In nearly 40 years of travelling the world, I have not witnessed any crisis that so vividly combines the worst of everything - armed conflict, acts of extreme violence, great tides of desperate refugees, hunger and disease, combined with an unforgiving desert climate."

4. AIDS out of control
Some 40 million living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, two-thirds in sub-Saharan Africa

Thirty percent of adults in southern Africa infected and 14 million children orphaned by AIDS Explosive growth rates in China and India, the world's two most populous countries If prevalence rates in China, India and Indonesia climb to rates now seen in Thailand and Cambodia, the world's HIV-positive population would double 1.2 million infected in Eastern Europe, according to the International federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

“HIV/AIDS has been prominent now for over 20 years, and though the progress in the developed world has been admirable, the developing world is being eaten alive by this disease. We have not yet seen the economic consequences of the perishing of generations of wage earners, nor the psychological and spiritual damage done to millions of children raised without parents."

5. West Africa on the edge
Liberia, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone struggling for peace after years of brutal conflict

Communities traumatised after wars that displaced hundreds of thousands, forced child soldiers to commit atrocities and desta bilised entire region Almost 400,000 Liberian refugees still to return home two years after the war, according to U.N. refugee body Ivory Coast threatening to implode as pro-government forces break 2003 ceasefire with rebels Half of Sierra Leone's population of 5 million displaced and 20,000 killed by war that ended in 2002

"West Africa needs a long-term effort, both locally and from the international community, if we are not to see a return to the carnage of the years before."

6. Colombians uprooted
Almost 3 million driven from their homes after four decades of conflict, giving Colombia the world's third-biggest displaced population

Civilians caught up in fighting between armed militias and government troops, with situation exacerbated by drug wars and breakdown of law 35,000 people killed since start of the 1990s

"Life for the displaced is extremely harsh, with most living in conditions of extreme poverty and struggling for access to sufficient food."

7. Chechen conflict
Tens of thousands killed and hundreds of thousands forced to flee home in a decade of conflict in Russia's breakaway republic

War displaced 600,000 Chechens in total, according to Migration Policy Institute Some 210,000 Chechen refugees - more than 20 percent of population - yet to return to Chechnya, MPI says At least 18,000 Russian soldiers killed

"The overall situation in the region is deteriorating. The authorities responsible in Russia are not addressing the human suffering and lack of security and level of trauma caused by the forces fighting in Chechnya."

8. Strife in Haiti
Political turmoil and lawlessness threatening food supplies, livelihoods and health services for hundreds of thousands in Western hemisphere's poorest country

55 percent of Haitians living on less than $1 a day, according to 2004 U.N. report 42 percent of children under five malnourished One in 10 Haitians projected to have HIV/AIDS by 2015 Thousands died last hurricane season as extensive deforestation and soil erosion caused flooding and landslides

"Haiti has so little, and with the political unrest and recent flooding, they have even less to help improve their lives. We've seen no coverage in the media of this crisis with such a focus on Iraq, and it's time to bring the world's attention back to what is happening there and how we can help."

9. Crisis in Nepal
About 11,000 people killed in nine years of conflict between Maoist rebels and constitutional monarchy

Between 100,000 and 200,000 people displaced and cut off from aid, United Nations says More than 40 percent of population live below poverty line and half of all children aged under five underweight, the world's highest such rate Seizure of absolute power by King Gyanendra in February 2005 seen inflaming the conflict

"The conflict has had a big impact on economic and social activities throughout the whole country and displaced large numbers of people, destroying livelihoods."

10. Infectious diseases

Malaria kills an African child every 30 seconds
More than 40 percent of world's population at risk, with 90 per cent of deaths in sub-Saharan Africa 300-500 million malaria cases each year, killing more than a million annually

Tuberculosis is leading cause of death among HIV-positive people
TB kills about 2 million a year worldwide, including people also infected with HIV, according to WHO 8.8 million people contract TB annually, with 3.9 million new cases infectious

Dengue kills 24,000 people each year and infects hundreds of thousands more
Most dangerous to children and people with weakened immune systems

"Despite international efforts, malaria mortality continues to rise as a result of poverty, weak health infrastructure, and in some countries, civil unrest. These deaths are easily preventable."

[url=]Here is where I got the article from "click here".[/url]

p.s. if you have more info and are more informed than I please post!

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 Re: Top 10 "forgotten" emergencies and devastations in the world today!!

We should be crying out to the Lord of Hosts
for mercies and weeping like the prophet
Jeremiah over these tradgedies and
calamities and miseries!! Why does this not
stir us into intercession and prayer for
the Lord to return to reign in justice and

Martin G. Smith

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It's sad how the continent with the richest resources has the most problems.

Leonardo Santana

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It's sad how the continent with the richest resources has the most problems.

Is this what they mean Santana when they say this in the article:

The worst humanitarian tragedy since the Holocaust. Five million dead,[b] and yet the neighboring countries have gone unpunished as they drop in and out of the Congo to feed their greed.[/b]The greatest example on the planet of man's inhumanity to man."

That the other countries are taking resources?

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We should be crying out to the Lord of Hosts

Yes we should! and why arent we? some of us are. and all of us should be. Here are 3 reasons I think we arent: some self deceived way we dont think we need to and dont think it will help. As it is said, "when we dont pray we are showing that we dont think we need God".

2.we are so selfish we cant even get over the prayers for ourselves because we are still struggling with sin and and self pity, so how can we cry out for others and fast for them as if our brother died.

3.we really dont love deep down just a superficial assent and affection. even ministers who are so caught up in their books and everything else.

So for the Christian minister which is all of us we first dont think we need God or that He'll answer and so we dont have a drawing to prayer and then not only do we not think prayer will help us we also even if we did trust God through prayer we wouldnt pray because we dont care enough.

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