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 Dream & Vision of OPEN AIR PREACHERS


Here is an account of a dream and vision that I stumbled across on a blog site. I am very leary of posting any dreams or visions, especially by people I do not know, but this one is very profound and nails some of the very things I have been warning against for a while now. I did not have this dream, someone else did. I'm just posting it here for truth's sake. -Josef[/i]


Dream August 2007
In my dream, I wasn't in it, but I saw all that was going on. I saw a man standing on a box preaching open air. There were many people there, but they seem very uninterested and unmoved. He preached hard, but I could tell there was no anointing, no power, it was all in the flesh. The crowd was not convicted at all. Then I heard him mention Wesley and couple other holiness preachers....

I believe that God is sharing that many "holiness" open air preachers are preaching in the flesh. When the preacher in my dream mention Wesley and other holiness preacher, I believe that this means that most holiness preachers today are following after Wesley, Finney, Edwards, ect. They are following man and not God. That such famous holiness preachers have become idols to them. That they are trying to imitate these preachers, and depend on their works instead of receiving knowledge and leading from God and trusting in His word. Many Holiness preachers do not have the anointing, their works are all in flesh.

Warning to many holiness open air preachers: Abide in Him. You are full of your own works, puffed up. You warn others to repent and draw near to God, when you have not done what you tell others to do. Much boasting of holiness, but you are poor, naked, and, blind. Humble yourselves, and see you are NOTHING! By your own strength you have spoken. By your own strength you have made yourselves known. Many have exalted themselves, it is not from God that you are seen, but by your own arm! Those who have exalted themselves will surely be brought down low. Repent, before you are left in greater delusion, thinking that you are in when you are not.

(dream continue...)
While the man was preaching, a man from the crowd interrupted him and wanted to give him some money and wanted to know where he can put it. The preacher happily instructed him where to give. I knew that this man that gave the preacher money was doing it because he felt like he had too. I could see his motive and it was out of tradition and wanting favoritism. I could also see the preacher's motive in receiving the money, greed and dependence on man.

I saw another man standing up front. This man was was very dirty and look like a bum. I knew he was an alcoholic. This dirty alcoholic watch the man give money to the preacher and felt like he had to give too. I saw him holding a one dollar bill. That was all he had. He was really struggling inside about giving. He felt like he should give this last dollar to the preacher, but then he would have no money to buy alcohol. He decided to keep it so he can by alcohol. Then I saw him very bitter and was sharing with those around him how it was his wife's fault that he was a bum and alcoholic. I heard him very clear. He was sharing with others that his wife wanted him to focus only on one thing and that was humility, but he wanted to focus on other things too and not just humility. He was exposing his wife in front of many and I could sense much bitterness and anger he had toward his wife. Then in another room I saw his wife. She was clean looking and had on like a white suit jacket and a white skirt, and white hat. I heard her say, it is true, that I did tell him to focus on humility. End of dream.

The two people who was feeling condemed because of pharisical preaching. Many holiness open air preachers today do not preach in the Spirit where it convicts, but their preaching is pharisical preaching that condemns. I believe the wife is the Bride. The hat on her means submission to God. She's warning the harlots (the husband symbolises harlot. He's dirty meaning in sin. Alcoholic means bondage to sin) to humble and turn from wicked ways (2 chron. 7:14). The husband was angry and bitter about having to be humbled, meaning the state of today's profess christians are very prideful and resist His ways and despise His true saints. They despise having to humble themselves, going through refinement because they trust in their own works. Filled with pride, despising God's correction. The bride will be mostly persecuted by the harlots.

Vision July 2007
I saw a red covertible car speeding down the road and I saw faces of open air preachers. I heard a voice say warn them of their pride.

Red corvertible means highly exalting flesh. Speeding down the highway means reckless, selfish and prideful. Unconcern for those around them. They preach with a hard, uplifted heart. No love, compassion for the lost. They think they are glorifying His name when they are really defaming His name with their reckless preaching! God has not sent them nor approved many open air preachers to carry and be entrusted with the gospel. They have called themselves. For those who are sent preach with power, not word only. Many do not have power, so they scream out the words and preach hard in their own might, deceiving themselves by their own style (techniques) and emotions, when they are really full of themselves and not the Spirit. Being entrusted with the gospel is not to be taken lightly, but a seriouse call that many open air preachers do not understand, handling the word without fear!
1Thess. 1 and 2- Being approved by God (meditate).

 2007/8/19 9:58

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 Re: Dream & Vision of OPEN AIR PREACHERS

wow man what a post. That is incredible. I want to learn more and more when not to witness, when to witness, what to say, what not to say. My words hold nothing that can lead someone to righteousness. I talked to my cousin the one day. Then a number of days later talked to her again, and I think I asked her if she thought about some of the things I talked to her about or something like that. And she seemed to have such a careless look on her face about the things which I said. That is just one given example of how witnessing in the flesh profits NOTHING. I may have lead her away from God and not towards Him; It is really sad because I care about her and I really want her to be saved and know God. But there are NO words I can speak of myself that will do any good without the Holy Spirit speaking life to her. I really want to see more people preach the gospel and think there are a lot of people who are neglecting evangelism and people are eternally suffering because of it!!!!! But on the other hand, I think the people who are preaching the gospel are in a great need to seek God and get his wisdom concerning proclaiming the kingdom. I am guilty of preaching out of my flesh, and I hope I will be humble enough and Spirit in-tuned enough to stop proclaiming the gospel when I should not proclaim it. Hopefully my discernment and humility grows, I don't want to continue to be a babe, but mature, Jaron


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Excellent post... may all of the GNN'ers and WOTM crowd take heed to this especially. I have met some of the most Spirit filled and annointed men of God through these two sources, I also have seen so many people that should spend less time preaching and more time praying (in fact I was the head of the second group for a while).

I dont write this to discourage those who are boldly stepping out in faith to the streets for the first time, simply to encourage and remind you that the kingdom of God is not in word but in power. As AW Tozer once said, you can get the devil to agree that he's a liar and a thief and a cheat and everything else, but that hasn't brought him any closer to the kingdom of God.

Here is a great comp that comes to mind

[url=!!!!.mp3]Strong Fire Burn[/url]

In Christ - Jim

 2007/8/21 11:18

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