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 Cannibal tribe apologises for eating Methodists

[b]Cannibal tribe apologises for eating Methodists[/b]

A tribe in Papua New Guinea has apologised for killing and eating four 19th century missionaries under the command of a doughty British clergyman.

The four Fijian missionaries were on a proselytising mission on the island of New Britain when they were massacred by Tolai tribesmen in 1878.

They were murdered on the orders of a local warrior chief, Taleli, and were then cooked and eaten.

The Fijians - a minister and three teachers - were under the leadership of the Reverend George Brown, an adventurous Wesleyan missionary who was born in Durham but spent most of his life spreading the word of God in the South Seas. ...

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 Re: Cannibal tribe apologises for eating Methodists

'However, an official investigation by British colonial authorities a year later exonerated Rev Brown.'

Several phrases spring to mind, among them... [i]

surprise, surprise...

what's new?... [/i]and

[i]how very sad![/i]


 2007/8/19 12:57

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