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 The Small Stuff -- and the really small stuff!

"For who has despised the day of small things" (Zechariah 4:10a NKJV).

Dr. Richard Carlson wrote a book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff ... and it's all small stuff." Since I sometimes let molehills materialize into mountains, thereby wasting a lot of emotional and mental energy, I decided to read and mark it. One paragraph has been particularly helpful:

"Whenever we hold on to our anger, we turn "small stuff" into really 'big stuff' in our minds. We start to believe that our positions are more important than our happiness. They are not. If you want to be a more peaceful person you must understand that being right is almost never more important than allowing yourself to be happy. The way to be happy is to let go, and reach out. Let other people be right. This doesn't mean that you're wrong. Everything will be fine. You'll experience the peace of letting go, as well as the joy of letting others be right. You'll also notice that, as you reach out and let others be 'right,' they will become less defensive and more loving toward you. They might even reach back. But, if for some reason they don't, that's okay too. You'll have the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your part to create a more loving world, and certainly you'll be more peaceful yourself."

It is amazing what we do for our mental and emotional health when we decide, yes, it's all right for the other person to be right. Of course I realize that this is quite a sacrifice when it is our spouse or child! But let's face it, a lot of it is "small things," small stuff, small petties of life. Years ago I started asking myself, "Is this going to matter ten years down the road? Who is even going to remember it?" This has been a great yardstick. The small stuff that really matters is our small jobs each day and how well we perform them and our small generosities that mean so much to God. The little cup of cold water given in His name means a lot more than a big title. Every time I read the Gospels I am again reminded that Jesus simply went about doing good doing little things that meant so much to those He helped. What better Example could we have?

Patricia Erwin Nordman

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