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 Upon this Rock

Stone of Stumbling
Rock Rolled away
Show me thy glory
I AM. . . . The Way
Clinged to the cliff
On Sinai’s sharp ledge
The Rock did strike him
With an outspoken pledge
“Mercy & Grace
The Longsuffering Lord
His servant the Branch
Is glory’s reward”

Assiduous clients of today’s sorcery
Raised Fist or Raised Phallus
Mankind’s Panoply
The Intuitive angst of creation’s dull groan
The echoed “Tic-Toc” of the soul’s metronome
That Stoic detachment
Caught in the Rye
Mens agitat molem
Vergil’s reply

Br’er Rabbit
Br’er Lawrence
Mighty Gideon exclaim:
“Though your sins be as scarlet
Jason’s fleece to lay claim
Come let us reason
Redeemed by the blood
The fleece of the Lamb slain
God’s presence the sum”

Shiloh hath spoken
The Hunchback doeth sing
Sanctuary in Christ
Hidden treasures and springs
Son of David – Mt. Zion
The Millennial Reign
Kronos, Ol’ Slew Foot
One thousand years chained
The Plumb line of ‘Zekiel
Isaiah’s decree
The Temple descending
The prophets did see

Three Woes
Seven Trumpets
Seven Vials
And the Bowls
Seven Years
And Two Prophets
White Throne

Furies and Titans
Deny me but thrice
Pandora’s box opened
Remember Lot’s Wife
Myopic the Cyclops
Staccato the stare
Satan’s word dwells among us
His logos to snare

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 Re: Upon this Rock

Satan’s word dwells among us
His logos to snare

Interesting peom brother thank you for sharing. hmm some of these words I need to whip out a dictionary. :-P

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