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 Worst flood in India in 30 years! There were 19 million left homeless!

K.P. Yohannan reports the worst flooding in India in 30 years. So far 19 million are left homeless. Imagine if 19 million were left homeless in America! This is the birth pangs. Sure judgment to India but to America and others if you don't repent you will likewise perish. O God give us Your burden to pray and serve. Here it is:

EMERGENCY - GFA Needs Your Help Today
August 11, 2007

Dear Friend in Christ,

This is one of the rare times that I am writing you to say that Gospel for Asia desperately needs your financial help quickly. But I feel that I must, and ask that you pray seriously about helping. This truly is an emergency situation.

As I wrote to you yesterday, more than 2,000 people have died in the record monsoon floods across eastern India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Literally millions have been left without homes, and their subsistence farms are under water in the worst flooding in 30 years.

Now, just this morning, I received a report from one particular area that brings this terrible situation closer to home.

Our senior leader in Assam called to tell me that 4,000 homes in his area have been washed away. When he told me that over the phone, I was just silent for a moment. I could not imagine four thousand homes destroyed by floods in one place.

Then he made it even more personal--he said that 35 of our believers' homes among the Mising tribe have been been destroyed. Not only that, but 10 of our pastors and their families are also now homeless, and four of our churches have been washed away by the rampaging waters.

You can click this link to make an immediate gift.

We know the numbers in this disaster are going to increase, because many other believers have had their homes damaged, and some of our other 92 churches among the 3.5 million Mising people have suffered damage as well. So there will be reconstruction needs in the future.

But our immediate concern is for those who have lost everything--not only among our believers, but among all who are suffering because of the floods.

So far, 15 people among the Mising have died from the flood waters, and another 50 have died from the diseases that are now spreading because of the unsanitary conditions. This is a "mini-tsunami" in terms of suffering. And our response must be rapid.

That's why, in the midst of all this suffering, our GFA missionaries, pastors and believers are already ministering to those around them in the name of Jesus--bringing them what physical and emotional relief they can, while sharing with them the only true hope that can be found in times like these--Christ. But obviously they need our help, because they have little left to share themselves.

My friend, today we--and they--need your immediate help. You can make a gift to bring relief and hope to those who have lost everything by clicking this link:

Please understand, this report I am sharing with you today is just the first of many we will be receiving as the scope of this disaster continues to grow.

So I ask you today to help our GFA missionaries, pastors and believers who are at this moment caring for the suffering all around them with your gift that says you, too, want to reach out with love in the name of Jesus.

And what an opportunity! While 98 percent of the Mising are not Christians, now we can reach out, relieve their suffering and let them know that while their old life has been washed away in a flood, God is offering them a new life that will last forever.

Again, this link will take you to our site where you can make a difference in the lives of those who are suffering so terribly, including our Christian brothers and sisters among the Mising tribe.

Thank you for your love and compassion.

For the suffering in Asia,

K.P. Yohannan
Founder and President
Gospel for Asia

P.S. Click this link to read more about the monsoon floods in Asia.


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