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by sscr01 on 2007/8/15 19:05:38

Jesus said, "These signs SHALL follow them that believe..."

The problem is, the unbelief in the church, just as Jesus COULD NOT do many works in Nazareth, because of unbelief.

The passage in Mark that you are referring to does not imply that Jesus was [i]prevented[/i] from performing any miracles. He actually did perform a few as if to prove this point.

The issues was not Jesus' ability to work miracles; rather, it was His identity. They already knew of the signs He had performed in other towns yet there was no question in their minds that He could not be the Christ. And since the miracles that Jesus worked were signs pointing to Him as Israel's long awaited Messiah, this would have been pointless and fruitless. Therefore He worked no miracles.

Jeremy Hulsey

SI Moderator - Jeremy Hulsey

 2007/8/18 0:04Profile



sscr01 wrote:
But, THE LORD HEALED JOB. His affliction was, only temporary, that, God might be glorified.

moe_mac wrote:We had a discussion a couple of days ago about physical healing and Brother there is no doubt I most definately do desire physical healing. I have faith God is able to give that physical healing. Not only do I desire the healing and have the faith he can, but I have family members that also desire my phyical healing that have that same faith. I have requested prayers from many of christian friends and church members over the last few years. Just because I haven't been fully healed and continue to have some serious physical lung problems as we speak, that does not mean that God is not in control and HE sustains me at this very moment. If HE was ready for me, I would not be typing this post as we speak and I give HIM all the GLORY and thanks for that also. I appreciate your faithfulness and your sincere words on physical healing and your also your concern for me. I ask for your prayers for my physical healing. If you only knew the change in my life, due to HIS SPIRIT living within me, you would see already see HIS glory. God has been so merciful to me and has blessed me above all measure. It really seems He is not ready for me yet, I say that because I really feel HE has called me in a new task I have never did before and to be a servant to speak HIS WORD in some fashion. Many things I don't understand about the present time and circumstances. All I know to do is "be still and know that is Lord". I ask for your prayers and also ask you to request to your local church body to life me up in prayers for my physical healing and also ask for HIM to give me the strenth and the annointing in doing whatever HE has called me to do. I also have asked for all the SI family to lift me up in prayer. My name is Gary.
God Bless

 2007/8/18 1:17


[moe said:

Jesus is everything. There is not a maverick molecule in the universe. He has all power, we pray for sick, we have faith that nothing is impossible with God and we leave the rest to HIS wisdom. As I said my health is not good, and if I call the ambulance I will being praying long before I call 9-11. My faith in the Lord is not based on HIM keeping me on this earth forever. It would be great if I can make it until Jesus comes and I get raptured. From the grave or from the feet, it will be the same and just as glorious.

Thankyou for this and other really great comments. And especially for your graciousness under provocation!

Something that came to mind (posted before on another thread some time ago) is the question why Elijah and Elisha had such different endings to their earthly lives.

If all should be healed, why didn't Elisha get taken up to heaven as Elijah did? Why did he have to die of a long, and probably agonising illness?

Yet he had such spiritual anointing that [b]his dead bones brought someone else back to life!!![/b]

I don't see how its possible to square that with a simplistic theology of healing!



 2007/8/18 18:43

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