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 "Poverty" from Ravenhill's Revival God's way book

This is an excerpt from Leonard Ravenhill's book "Revival God's way". We have tried every other way . The secular scientist "prophets" are the only prophets preaching peril in the pulpits. Here is a shocking and true fact based paragraph that can not be passed off by saying, "we cant go overboard and be extremist." So, here it is:

Inequality? The report from the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism put it this way:

Imagine that all the population of the world was condensed to the size of one small village of one hundred people. In this village 67 of that 100 people would be poor; the other 33 would be in varying degrees well off. Of the total population only 7 would be North Americans. The other 93 people would watch the 7 North Americans spend one half of all the money, eat one-seventh of all the food and use one-half of all the bath tubs. These 7 people would have 10 times more doctors than the other 93. Meanwhile the 7 would continue to get more and more and the 93 less and less.

As a part of the wealthy 7 we are trying to reach as many of the other 93 for Christ as we can. We tell them about Jesus, and they watch us throw away more food then they ever hope to eat. We are busy building beautiful Church buildings, and they scrounge to find shelter for their families.

p.s. if any one has more recent info to the present day poverty issue please post!

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