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 What will it profit a man

With deep sadness I came across this this morning in my local newspaper.

Briefly, Pat Tillman who was killed in action in Afghanistan after turning down a multi-million dollar contract from the NFL's Arizona Cardinals in order to enlist in the army had his funeral nearby where I live yesterday.

Some of you may have heard about this and there was quite abit said about his life. Honerable. Honest to himself, Big heart. I appreciated the honesty of those who were close to him and spoke with candor. But, for all that this sent chills through me;

From the service yesterday.

"Thank you for coming," said Richard Tillman, the younger brother of Pat Tillman. "But with all respect to those who have been up here before me, Pat's not with God. He's not religious. He's dead. It was amazing to be his little brother. He was the biggest champion I've ever seen."

[i]"Mat 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?[/i]

The hellishness of humanism.

[i] A philosophical system of thought that focuses on human value, thought, and actions. Humans are considered basically good and rationale creatures who can improve themselves and others through natural human abilities of reason and action. Secular Humanism is a late development emphasizing objectivity, human reason, and human standards that govern art, economics, ethics, and belief. As such, no deity is acknowledged.[/i]

Mike Balog

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 Re: What will it profit a man

Honorable thing that Pat Tillman did for our country and give his life. Amazing thing is that we need to remember that not all will enter the gate. The road to hell is wide, the road to heaven is a narrow path. The world offers so many distractions... I remember going to a funeral for my neighboor a few years ago, and how "religious" the service sounded, but very shallow. How do we know if a a man is saved? Are we supposed to know if someone is saved? Many have said that we are not to know the true nature of a man's heart, but what about seeing the fruit? How can we measure if a person is saved, a christian or not? It seems like today you can become a Christian as easy as going through McDonalds to get a burger. No pain involved...


a Jesus freak

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All I can say is Wow! My Husband told me about this man-but we did not hear about the latter part (about his not being religious). Throws you for a loop!

In Him, Chanin


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 So being RELIGIOUS is the key???

I think that pharisees probably called Jesus not religious (in their way of religion)---they did call him a blasphemer.

This man's brother called him 'not religious'--was this because he did not attend a church? Who knows really--this does not have to mean that he didn't make it in.

Many who are first (those deemed religious) shall be last, and many last (perhaps those who don't conform to the acceptable code of faith) shall be first.


moreofHim wrote:
All I can say is Wow! My Husband told me about this man-but we did not hear about the latter part (about his not being religious). Throws you for a loop!

In Him, Chanin

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 Re: So being RELIGIOUS is the key???

It seems possible to me that you might be misinterpreting what was said by, the previous poster.

Though I agree that being "religious" isn't what the Christian Faith is about, but there Christ doesn't save us each unto our own way. He saves us That we might bring Glory to the Father. That was the driving motivation for Him when he walked the earth, That MUST be the driving motivation for the believer. We are to deny ourselves and lift our cross. To Love God so much that our love for family, friends and even ourselves seems as hatred...That is ALWAYS misunderstood as "religion" by the world. They don't understand our devotion and want to explain us away as religious. In that, a good thermometer for our faith is what the world says...if his brother was unsaved he would without a doubt have said Him to have been religious if he was in the truth.


matthew bauer

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 Re: So being RELIGIOUS is the key???


You're exactly right about that word "religious". Even as i typed it it didn't seem the right word to use- but it was the word that the guys brother used in the article , so I used it.

You are exactly right in questioning this. It is not "religion" that gets us "in" with jesus. It's a very personal relationship with Him and a surrender of your life completely.

I guess we really don't know where this man's heart was before the time of death.

If the younger brother was in alot of contact with his brother and knew that he didn't care for the things of God (maybe what he would call religion) then what he was stating was probably true.

Yet, we really don't know, I suppose.

I think it makes you think twice though, about how it's not just the giving of alot of things-even your own life for your country- that makes you a good person to God.

Who knows maybe he is with Jesus right now and we won't know till we get there. :-)

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clear that up. :-)

Satisfied in Him alone, chanin


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