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 Billy Graham is a universalist "video interview"

Sadly, even Billy Graham is a universalist. I think this video is clear and he states, "they can go to heaven even if they don't know the name of Jesus". There are also other things he says. I think this is where one leads when you preach hole in your heart man wants God evangelism. Lastly, I think he got mixed into politics and now that whatever he says is not just a Kingdom of heaven statement but a U.S. statement he has to watch what he says. He sees the poverty, and the threat of nuclear islamic world war and is pressured to be doing what he is doing. So, we should pray for such a one and not only that but for a national revival with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength!!

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 Re: Billy Graham is a universalist "video interview"

Are we judged by snapshot or by video? What I mean to say, is we can drag just about anyone through the mud if we take a few words, or comments, or an interview and project it to be representative of a person's entire life.

In my case, someone could probably find plenty of places to lable me with condemnations -however I would beseech that person to take a look at the whole breadth of my life and desire to know and serve God before they make a rash judgemennt.

I am not without sin, no man short of the Lord Jesus was without sin. I am bound to say things that aren't in keeping with biblical orthodoxy if I'm alowed to speak long enough... would probably only take a few minutes. I expect that even the greatest religious expositor's in the faith of Jesus have been known to err.

I expect that as we stand before the judgement seat, we will find a lot out about 'great men of faith' that would have knocked us down while on earth, we're also bound to find out that some people we were quick to judge had real relationships with Jesus.

I am not saying this to forgive Billy Graham of any heretical or erronious comments he may have made, or still make, but I feel that the fruits of this man's life are beyond reproach, and to start a thread like this is not in the right spirit -it is simply slander.

Ian Smith

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I understand how you feel. The things you are saying carry weight. I didn't make any further claims except for what he said.

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