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 Growth of Fingers please pray

I was born with no fingers on my right hand, but i asked god to heal them, i need a miracle and thats what im asking you to do for me ..please pray that they will heal and from healing i can proclaim the amazingness of god to my family and friends.Thankyou

 2007/8/1 11:28Profile

 Re: Growth of Fingers please pray

Hi life_bringer :-)

i need a miracle

Indeed you do, if you are to have those fingers.

Some people would say there is a difference between 'a miracle' and 'healing', in that a miracle involves something totally supernatural happening - such as five loaves and two fish increasing so much as they were broken and distributed, as to be able to feed five thousand men, and additional women and children.

Whereas a 'healing' is the supernatural speeding up of the natural law governing the innate self-repair mechanism of the body.

Faith plays a part in both, of course, and it may depend on the basis of your hope for this miracle, whether you will receive it.

By this I mean, that if God has already told you He wants to give you fingers on your right hand, amen; He will do it. Believe Him for sure.

If there is an alternative basis for this request, then I think it can be a distraction - however worthy, in your opinion - from simply getting on with walking out that new life in Christ from a changed heart, a clear conscience and the gift of the Holy Spirit to enable you to fulfil all His will for you.

There are good works already prepared for [u]you[/u] to walk in. God knows you don't have those fingers, so I don't think He will ask you to do something you can't do without them - unless He does intend to give you new fingers.

Please don't read skepticism into what I've written above. I strongly believe in both healing and miracles, BUT it is clear God is able to use us for His glory [i]despite[/i] limitations which may be a consequence of the Fall, of which He is even [i]more[/i] aware than us.

God bless your heart with a daily revelation of His immediate will.

 2007/8/2 6:19

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