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 Emotions and the Christian

Dear Saints of the Risen King,

I started a thread recently dealing with inner healing. As I dialogued in this thread, I came to the recognition that emotions are an area that need some discussion. This is not meant to be another thread devoted to healing, but rather a place to discuss emotion in general terms. What role do emotions play in the life of a Christian?

I truly believe there is a great deal of misunderstanding amongst believers, as well as a wide variety of held beliefs.

Here are some of my thoughts.

We were created in the image of God.

God is emotional. The Holy Spirit grieves over sin. Jesus wept. Grief is an emotion. God gets angry with His people. Jesus was angered by the money changers. Anger is an emotion. God rejoices over us. Joy is an emotion. God [i]is[/i] love.

Before you object to that last one, let me clarify. Love [i]is an emotion.[/i] It is also much more. We are commanded to love even when the emotion isn't present. I know this, yet love still has an element of emotion which cannot be discounted or ignored. An example of the emotion of love and its need can be seen in marriage. If a man loses the emotional aspect of love for his wife, or a wife for her husband, the relationship will begin to disintegrate.

I have heard many times in the church the comment that something or someone was exhibiting emotionalism, thereby invaldating it or them. Somehow these people have the notion that we shouldn't be emotioanal about our faith. But doesn't this dispassionate view of faith lead to empty religous observance?

I have many more thoughts and beliefs in regard to this, but I want to hear from you. Who knows? I may just learn something. I might even have to change some of my beliefs. I know we can all benefit from getting a better grasp on emotions and the role they play.

In His Love,


Doug Fussell

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