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 In a rut

Stuck in a particular sin, please pray that God would mercifully deliver me from it.

 2007/7/27 9:09

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Chantilly, Virginia

 Re: In a rut

Definitely will do, i'm struggling as well, which I keep telling myself is because my strength is no substitute for His. There's a sermon by Jim Cymbala, Calling on the name of The Lord, and one by Dave Wilkerson, The Wedding Garment, that might supply strength.


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 Re: In a rut

It is your very own grace and mercy that shines that divine light into the darkness and deep recesses of our hearts
Such mercy, such love to bring us into Truth.
Lord, the power of the blood, the power of the cross, the power of your love. It is more thsn enough. It is finished!
VICTORY is a Man.

Thank you, Father in Jesus' name. Amen.

 2007/7/27 9:44Profile

 Re: In a rut

Richard, God bless you for coming to others for prayer.

Only if we don't confess, will we not prosper.
You will prosper than spiritually because you have.

Be of good courage. Think of Joseph - how he ran.

Bless your heart and strengthen your view of our Creator God Who died for us out of His Love for us only. Satan hates us and Jesus loves you. Remember that is why He gave the commands He did, so we wouldn't be hurt by Satan, the author of all hate and sin of any kind is hate from satan against God's Creation.
Walk in HIS LOVE.
LORD Bless you and may you see His Glory - Start Praising despite how you feel.

praying too.

 2007/7/28 0:37


I consider myself to be chief of strugglers, I come from a deeply compromised past and have felt it's wrath and still do at times. Let me point out two things that have helped me, and I pray you might try these.

A good fast. King David said he dare not sacrifice to the Lord what cost him nothing. 2Samuel 24:24 Fasting well with a bankrupt spirit bathed in prayer is pretty good for God to work.

Prayer, two hours minimum, if you have problems nodding of, prayer walk. These I am pretty sure you know, but many times I know personally I forget their value and have to remind myself.

This is gooood. And I am praying for you all. And I ask you pray for me, we can all get each others backs.

 2007/7/28 1:13

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Santa Cruz California

 Re: In a rut

Brother richard.
I will pray, look to Christ brother, look until He is all you see.

patrick heaviside

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