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I just heard the most incredible story at Church last Sunday from the lady who is heading up the VBS this year and I think she also heads the children's ministry.

They send out fliers all over the area inviting children, through their parents to come to VBS.

Well, this lady volunteered one year, and a child was told strictly, by his mother, that when the others prayed and said the Name of Jesus, that he was to cover his ears, literally.

So he did and each day, he got angrier whenever they'd say Jesus and hold his ears tighter in his anger.

This shook them all up so bad that this lady asked him, why he was doing this, and the child responded, "I hate Jesus so much, that if I had a gun I would shoot him."

This took her back even more, but then the Spirit of God took over for her and she told the little boy, "You don't have to kill Him, people already did, because He loved them and so that by His death, you can be a part of His Loving Family".

With that, the little boy's heart melted & was right there to except Jesus as Savior, despite his mother's hatred.

And that's when this lady decided to stay with Children's ministry.

 2007/7/28 17:27

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