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 Canceled due to lack of interest

Shortly after I surrender my life to Christ in 2001, I began looking intently into God’s Word to find out what was pleasing to HIM and what was not. I had read much scripture prior to my conversion, but did not have much understanding. How could I right. I did not read much in the book of James either, I would skip it. I have always believed the whole Bible was God inspired word, but I could not understand the difference in Paul and James’ writings. What was missing and why didn’t it all jive? The Holy Spirit living within me helped me to see that both were saying the same thing but just in a different manner.

Within a few short months after my new life in Christ began I found myself filing as a candidate for Mayor of the town in which I live. Why, I didn't know then, but I would understand later, it was never a goal, a thought, and if someone had of give me the prophecy only a year prior I would have told him or her they were crazy. At the time I filed for Mayor, I had never been to a city council meeting anywhere in my life, much less conducted one. I was more likely to be going before the Mayor than being one. Never held any public office anywhere and with very little education, only finishing the 11th grade (GED 1990) in high school before enlisting in the military at age seventeen. After 18 months in Vietnam in the 60’s, I found myself right smack dab in the middle of a big wasp nest again with much to learn, accept this time I had a helper. I ordered a set of Roberts Rules of Order from and began to study them. After I was comfortable with which motion took precedent over the other, I began to focus and realize that I was so shy all of my entire life that I would take an F before giving an oral book report in school and now I would have conduct a meeting in a legal and orderly fashion. Gulp!!!! The only way I could function in public in my teenage years and most in my adult life was to be numbed with alcohol. When I was drinking I was quiet outgoing. I will just call it what it was, obnoxious. I grew up in a town only 12 miles from the town where I was to be campaigning for office. Not a real good reputation by those who knew me. I worked hard visiting every house in the town with the population of 311. November finally came and election night 2002.The vote counting machine broke about midnight and they had to count all the county ballots by hand. After it was all done, I won by 6 votes. With only two more meeting to go before I would be sitting at the end of the table in my shyness, inexperience, and realizing my complete dependency on the Lord. Talk about praying hard.

You would think matters couldn’t get much more tense but all the city council incumbents won. They all were hostile to a new Mayor, especially to me it seemed. The Secretary/Treasurer had held office for 12 years prior, and did much of the previous Mayor’s paper work and duties at his choosing and I would find later not very willing to give it up or change. The previous Mayor had also held office about 12 years prior, and almost all the council too have been in office many years. I was the rookie.I ask the R/T for a copy of the past budgets and anything that would be helpful in acquainting myself with the responsibility I was about to assume. She said, “ Just tell you what you want and I will give you a copy. The secret was, I found out later, I had to know what to call the document, or I didn’t get it. She had all the city records at her house, which was a violation of state law itself, but I soon found many state laws have no teeth and no recourse when broken. During our conversation, she said, "well I guess you will want to make a bunch of changes like most people do when they take office". I said,’ “no mam I only know of one right off”. She said and what is that. My reply,” we will began our meetings with prayer and ask God’s blessings on our city and our meeting. She said, ‘ well I don’t know if that’s legal, we have separation of church and state you know. I said, “yes mam, I know all about that hogwash, but even if I get kicked out of office, I don’t know a better reason to get kicked out to be kicked out.

This is only the start of a very interesting growing experience in the Lord, in which much persecution came to me, but much of knowing the Lord and who HE is. As I look back on it, I can see how God put me in a place and allowed me to come under attack to give some spiritually maturity in which I lacked big time. Not that I am a spiritual champion now, but I have without a doubt grown spiritually. If anyone is interested in hearing more of this testimony please email me at [email protected] If I get enough responses in hearing more of the testimony, I would like to write in sections and post it as an edit. I will write it from memory and audiotapes of our meetings.
But unless I get some request from SI people I feel a need not to post anymore of it at the present.

God Bless

 2007/7/26 16:56

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