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 Re: Krispy

worm4christ said

"lie to me once, shame on you, lie to me twice, shame on me".

Didn't you mean...

"There's an old...saying in Tennessee...I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee that says Fool me once...(3 second pause)... Shame on...(4 second pause)...Shame on you....(6 second pause)...Fool me...Can't get fooled again."

--George W. Bush to Nashville, Tennessee audience, Sept. 17, 2002, MSNBC-TV --Politex, Sept. 17, 2002, 10 PM

 2007/7/25 17:42


you wrote:

Nothing you have to say to me at the moment means a hill of beans to me. You've made it quite obvious that you're not here to edify or encourage the brethren, or to discuss doctrine or theology, or to discuss the sermons available to download on this site.

You seem to have an agenda that doesnt line up with the purpose of this forum.

I havent read your post, and I dont plan on reading your post. In the future please do not respond to what I write and do not address any posts to me.... I will simply ignore them.

the depth of your malice towards me, and the bad things you testify about me, just takes my breath away.

but it's okay.....your request, suits me right down to the ground. No problem, water off a duck's back, you're the one with the brewing simmering hatred, not me. I'm just sitting here, slightly stunned at the hate-filled spew. Give it a few minutes, and Lord willing, I'll be okay.

God bless you brother, may He sooth your tortured soul.

 2007/7/25 18:36

 Re: Krispy

Krispy, worm, if you can't play nicely you'll have to play outside...

 2007/7/25 18:40

 Thank you Corey

for the attempt at light-hearted humor.

at least its better than malice, and may God bless you for your intent.

 2007/7/25 18:42

 Re: Thank you Corey

I seem to remember hearing someone far more wiser than I saying something to the effect of, "you don't need to like your neighbor to love him".

 2007/7/25 19:51

Joined: 2005/2/24
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 Re: better things

What does this have to do with discussion of theology or encouragement for the brethren?

I see political threads going up all the time, without a word said. am I to be denied?

Two fair questions...

To be frank I think SI has been squatted in the last couple of weeks, with a volley of conspiratist and political canonballs firing back and forth. And it isn't even 2008 yet!

If we were critiquing the Untited States with a kingdom of God perspective, this might be understandable. But we know that these recent partisan threads are indifferent to the Holy Spirit's fact these threads rise no higher then good old earthly partisan politics. Perhaps at one point you aspired, and even ached, to see these things with heavenly eyes...but it is not happening now.

This is not to say that there is something inherently wrong with political opinions...but their concern is little help to the primary concern of this website, which is namely to see the Church arise and live in the power of Godliness once again as of old.

If the brethren here want to talk about Haliburton and President Bush, why not start a blog? A blog dedicated to these interests would work better then altering the atmosphere of Sermon Index. If you cannot start a blog, then at least confine all the op ed pieces to a single thread.

Now if you brethren were truly interested in being a prophetic voice to "Babylon", you would lay down your part in her fornications as well. Yet, because you rail not as prophets, but as political rivals, you are being little more then divisive, and irrelevant to the deeper spiritual needs of the Church and our nation. I trust we all admit this problem in our hearts...when one of us succumbs to temptation, our failure only taunts the others to fall as well.

It's not my nature to be offensive...the Lord knows I hate to risk friendships...but I do not believe we can pretend to be seeking God for revival when our passions are so invested in these carnal discussions. Divest yourselves of these political intrigues! Let's ask the Lord to remove the anger and unforgiveness we have towards those Christians in the body who do not share our politics. (Which should be more of a former nature if we are really looking towards heaven.)

October is coming, and if the only fire we have burning inside of us is over President Bush then God help us for our earthbound affections. I certainly know the draw of these Earthly powers...but I also know the draw of the Holy Spirit. These two powers are not pulling in the same Christians we must pick a kingdom and live in it. (Vote if you feel led, but not against one another!)

I am confident I am not alone in my sentiment here...although I imagine most people are trying to avoid getting dirty and as a result are not saying anything. So start a seperate blog and chase the Donkeys and Elephants, filthy beasts that they are, out of this santuary set apart for repentance and Godliness. Let's not always need Greg and Mike to lower the boom on our conduct as if we are children needing the law. Let's walk freely in love and respect for the holy purpose God has placed in their hearts, through which God is honored in a way that we are all wonderfully invited to participate.

Blessings my dear brothers in Christ,


Mike Compton

 2007/7/25 20:56Profile

Joined: 2003/11/23
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Hi Compton...

I pray to God that the amount of opinionated political rhetoric will end here at SI. It is not part of the website's purpose, and it typically serves to [u]divide[/u] rather than [u]unite[/u]. While I don't see a problem of introducing political issues into the forums, it shouldn't be for the purpose of invoking opinion. Often, these sort of threads unleash all sort of questions and accusations -- which is a characteristic of our Enemy.

While we are commended to "test everything" (I Thessalonians 5:21), such topics seem to miss the "heart of God." They often begin with wild allegations, accusations or predetermined questions. They often end just the same -- but with more division between the brethren. They often reek of pride and opinions based upon limited knowledge and surface wisdom.

I ask, in the name of Jesus, that such threads might end. Greg (SermonIndex) and Mike (ccrsk) have often gently warned such politically motivated threads to cease -- regardless of political opinion. It would be nice if this could end without their personal rebukes.

What do you think?



 2007/7/25 23:45Profile


I believe it is a the known fact is we don't know all matters or the confidental facts in which to agree or disagree with the President. We have not briefed on any matters. I am encouraged by a sitting President or any President who will stand for the God, the Word of God and be dependant upon HIM. We have had many Presidents since the birth of the USA who have did just that. In a Presidental debate in 2000 when the President was asked," what person has had the most inflence on your life", and His answer was " Christ". The follow up question was would you explain how? He said if you have never experience it,it would hard for me would be hard to expain and then he said," he changed my life". They thought they had just killed his chances to win. But what the devil meant for harm God turned into good.

Our first allegiance as a citizen of heaven is to the Lamb. Our second is to our brother and sisters on earth. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I have heard many negative and positive comments about the President. Our system of government gives each citizen the right to either negative or positive. I won't try to justify or defend his actions and that is not my purpose but whether as a citizen I agree or disagree, he has been given the authority to execute the office as he sees fit. God's Word says I am to pray for those in authority and I must admit I find it easier to pray for him than some of the Presidents in the past and possible in the future. Some of the past Presidents I thought were right on target at the time, but since I was saved I disagree with them. However, whether they have the, "what's God got to do with it" attitude or not, we are to pray for those who God has put in authority. My prayer is we will always have a person that it is a joy to pray for and that you have heard from his mouth and seen from his vetos, and from his speeches he is dependant upon who we all are dependant upon and stand for righteousness. Stands for The God of Abraham, Isiaac and Jacob, the ONE that sent HIS SON Jesus, to die on a cross for you and I. He has overcome death, hell and the grave, paid for our sins, so we can live too. This post is not meant to be political. God Bless the USA and God Bless the President and may both the President and the USA always bless God. When we no longer consider ourselves one nation under God, we will be a nation gone under.

 2007/7/26 13:53


The only thing that scares me with these discussions is everything.

I guess because of eschatology only.

If someone is mid or post trib or even pre trib than they know that going too far with defending any earthly ruler is a dangerous ticket.

That's my only fear on this. And everyone is entitled to their opinion on all of these candidates, the bill of rights gives that option and once upon a time, you could give your opinion without fear.

Christians had no problem blasting Mr. Clinton, but now just because someone says they're a Christian, now the way we talk to each other has changed and we turn against one another over this.

I'm not speaking with malice. Everyone should just calm down some when this topic comes up.

Mr. Clinton now says he's a Christian too.
Why shouldn't we believe him ?

If the anti-Christ comes saying he's a Christian, will we still hold these unapproachable stances of loyalty ?

That's 'all' I worry about. Not anyone's opinion on any candidate, but where we each draw the line with Rom. 13. That's what makes me shutter, that's it.

If the Apostles didn't get entangled in the affairs of this world, yet the Lord gave us heed to be wise and watch, and the early Church Fathers told us what and who to watch for too ... then where's the watching and when do we know who we are really dealing with when it comes to rulers of this present evil world ?

The Word says, Put not your trust in Princes.

We're to obey the laws of the land ... but where do we draw the line, if we feel personally that we're being set up for that one world government that the Bible and every single prophecy watcher is watching, whether pre-trib or post.

Shouldn't we just be staying spiritually other worldly in our allegiances ?

I don't worry about who backs what, except that I stand for life. Being pro-life, if I don't keep that stand in my heart, I'll start to lose the mind of Christ.

I stand with the folks like Pastorfrin on the issue of Peace and pacifism. I'll go out the way our Lord did ... like a lamb to the slaughter and I have no allegiance to anyone but Christ.

He said to obey the laws of the land, until they come from anti-christ and we're just being tested at present, by where our allegiances really lay.

Whatever upsets us, shows where our allegiances are.

That's plain enough.

When and where do you draw the line in the sand with Romans 13 ?

 2007/7/28 2:41

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Enough!

Let this serve as warning.

This thread will also be locked, it is apparent that the disclaimer will need to be updated and spelled out more clearly just what is tolerated here.

Edit: For the time being take Comptons advise to heart. It is time for some changes to be made.

Mike Balog

 2007/7/28 10:18Profile

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