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Alright mates

Ha, you know a Brit speaks to you when you here "Alright mates" - good to see you.


But the Thames is close to breaking its banks in Berkshire. People have been given time off work to lay sandbags.

There is another geological change of which you may not be aware - that the water table under London has been rising for at least twenty years. Many buildings have had to install pumps to keep their basements dry, from the local artesian wells. This rise (I think it is about 12 feet now) will make some difference to how London copes if the Thames overflows there.

Well, for the record, the prophecy I heard of judgment on London at the meeting I was at mentioned specifically that Canary Wharf would be hit badly by the flood. So watch out for that.

Personally I didn't make the connection with the floods for ages, and then out of nowhere yesterday it hit me, I had chills down my neck and everything:

"FLOODS! We're under judgment"

And though we must repent, I still say "Even so, Amen" to the righteous judgments of God:

"Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?"

 2007/7/24 20:33Profile

 Re: UK Official: Worst Floods In Modern History

Latest news from Oxford is that people are leaving their homes while they can... wading though a foot of water in the street, and realising they don't know where it will have risen to when it peaks around lunchtime tomorrow. It's been rising since lunchtime today.

 2007/7/24 21:03

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