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 Dubai claims world's tallest building title

[b]Dubai claims world's tallest building title[/b]

Dubai declared on Saturday it now boasts the world's tallest building, with the Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower) scraping the sky at 512.1m (1,680ft) a year before its slated completion.

The Burj Dubai, built by South Korea's Samsung, now stands at 141 storeys, outstripping Taiwan's Taipei 101 which rises a modest 508m (1,667ft). Developer Emaar Properties is keeping tight-lipped on the $1bn structure's final vital stats, but says it will eventually be "more than" 700m (2,296ft) tall and have "more than" 160 storeys.

This reluctance to divulge the full facts may be a response to rival local developer Nakheel, which has announced it will build the equally inspirationally-titled "Al-Burj" (The Tower) - "whose projected height also remains a closely guarded secret", as the Gulf Times puts it. ...

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 2007/7/24 14:28Profile

 Re: Dubai claims world's tallest building title

I think this story may be more important than just the Tower but 'where' it is being built.

Doing some research on this mysterious group of islands, that are in the design of the world's continents.

Does anyone know 'which' location/island/continent looking island this Tower is on ?

 2007/7/24 15:45

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GrannieAnnie wrote:

Does anyone know 'which' location/island/continent looking island this Tower is on ?

I' m pretty sure these islands are very small & man made;
the tower is inland

Location Address *
Bordering street Burj Dubai Boulevard*
Zone Downtown at Burj Dubai
City Dubai
Country United Arab Emirates

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 Re: Dubai claims world's tallest building title

This "tower envy" is tiring.

How many sequels are they going to make? Who keeps going to these things, anyway?

 2007/7/24 16:59


Thank you ravenmolehill. Very strange stuff huh ?

They put that all together with grass and all in less than 4 years. HOY. Did ya buy one while you were there ? HA. I'd rather live off the NC coast, hurricanes and all.

Corey, you're just jealous cuz it's toppin' yers.

 2007/7/24 19:09


I'll have you know that the CN Tower is still the "world's tallest free standing structure on land".

There's no way we're losing to the Saudis. NO WAY!!!

 2007/7/24 19:27

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