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 prince of the air running loose!!!

Do you see more evil in America and the world than you did prior to the 1960's and 70's.
If so to what do you attribute it to or what do you attribute to the lack of.
Is the church having as much affect on the world today as the past? If not why?
Is the church being salt and light to the world?

 2007/7/24 0:33

 Re: prince of the air running loose!!!

Is the church being salt and light to the world?

In my experience, North American churches are more like salt in the eyes...

 2007/7/24 0:41

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 Re: prince of the air running loose!!!

The church has become too worldly and lukewarm. See Revelation 3 v15-17

The secular world just laughs and mocks us now and we've no power to respond. Remember these are sinners we are mean't to be leading to Christ!

A true revival now would probably bring the church into fierce persecution and how many do you think have the stomach for it?

As Paris Reidhead says, humanism has invaded the church. It's all emotionalism in the church now. People want to 'feel' God's presence physically. We end up with dead guitar strumming worship and ear tickling sermons. It's time to die to this world and it's material wealth and immoral philosophies and stand up for Christ and the Bible!

True revival begins in our own hearts.

Ah, think of the regret when we finally see our Saviour.


 2007/7/24 4:21Profile

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 Re: prince of the air running loose!!!

It is one thing to see the decline and filth in the church and in the world and another to be a demonstration of the living God.

As it was always, when they see a bondservant with no other agenda than to make God known to a dying world, many will wake up.

God is looking for a man, and they are few and far in between - how about you?


 2007/7/24 7:59Profile

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 Re: A Timely Message For This Very Dark Hour Is The CHURCH!

Hello Everyone,

Below is a heart breaking message from Time Square Church to the church. Please listen.

 2007/7/24 13:30Profile

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