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 Post-Trib Audio Sermons?

Hello, I was wondering if there are some notable audio sermons you know of that teach the post-trib view. I'm trying to round-out my eschatology. I did a search, but didn't find anything, so perhaps someone else will have some ideas?


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 Re: Post-Trib Audio Sermons?

A friend recomended this sight to me a while back. I hav not had the chance to read through it. It looks like there is alot of in depth articles on the sight.

I typed in "Post Trib" at sermon audio and found these in their search engine.

I've listened to the one on the top of the list. It's pretty good. But, I'm looking for something more in depth.

You could also search for different phrases like... "Post rapture" "Pre trib heresy" "when is the rapture"... etc.

I think it would be a blessing to hear Eli preach a series on the topic and maybe get them on sermonindex. You should email Eli, and see if maybe he could do that.

By the way... Eli recently put up a new open air video on his blog. I wonder if David and Greg were there when he preached.

Eli is a blessed example that open air preachers should follow.

God bless you Mike! See you soon, Lord willing. -Abraham

 2007/7/22 22:48

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 Re: Post-Trib Audio Sermons?

David Pawson listed here on Sermon Index has a teaching on the Book of Revelation.

He teaches on this subject.

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Zac Poonen has a verse-by-verse study on Revelation that teaches post-tribulation clearly:

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Art Katz preaches from a post-tribulation point of view.

Jimmy H

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