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Indiana USA

 Thank you to my SI family

I’m a spiritual newborn in comparison to many of the folks here, and at times I ask questions that can easily be taken the wrong way. I love the Lord with all my heart, and I know he loves me…and sinners.

I just want to say thank you to all of you who have been so kind, patient, and understanding with me during this year or so I have been posting here on SI.

When I was first saved I was led to buy a J.C. Ryle book. It changed me. I was doing a search for more of his work when I found this site. I was so excited. I read articles and listened to sermons for a year before my first post, I didn’t know how forums worked.

My life has changed because of SI and SI is so much more than just the information it contains; it’s the people.

You have helped me become more like Christ because of the Christ-likeness in so many of you. You have been willing to correct me, and not because you want to be right, but because you are concerned.

I thank you for your honesty and integrity…for not letting me settle for less than the absolute Truth.

I thank God for you, my SI family; you are all in my prayers

Please do not feel as if you must respond, just know you are greatly appreciated.


 2007/7/20 23:46Profile

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 Re: Thank you to my SI family

Amen and amen. Your post says exactly how I feel as well. I to thank God for my SI family and for you as well.
I in Christ and he in me,

rick H.

 2007/7/20 23:57Profile

 Re: Thank you to my SI family


It's hard to say these type things, because ya feel vulnerable sometimes, admitting that you love folks and that they've helped.

I feel the same as you do about this place.

It's GOD, I know it is. I know He's brought all of us vagabonds here. :-)

Loving people is so neat ... it's just, I was afraid of it before because I felt vulnerable ... being used to being alone for so long, it was strange to feel such connectedness.

But that's a God thing again. Can't feel "connected" unless He's 'in' it. Neat!!!

Praise GOD and I'll tell ya, I need all the prayers that I can get. Seriously. So thank you for praying for us all, "pray for the saints everywhere" and praying for all of us here is a great thing. Thanks & mutual!

Pray that the LORD will Protect SI.

With His Love.

 2007/7/21 0:49

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