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 Looking for Isaac Watts sermons and writings

Looking for Isaac Watts

I’m looking for sermons by Isaac Watts. Anyone have any resources to share? (I know about the info here on SI :-) )

Thank you all in advance.


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 Re: Looking for Isaac Watts sermons and writings

Isaac Watts is great influence, teacher, mentor to me. God has given me such a deep love for this old brother's writings. I have really searched for a complete edition of his works (spiritual treatises, sermons, etc.), and have found none. I only seem to find random compilations of his writings. I [i]have[/i] found, however, his complete hymns collected in one book! About 700 of them. I tell you, these glorious hymns alone contain enough meat for a lifetime of feasting. I've found that acquainting myself with the hymn-meat of Charles Wesley and Isaac Watts provides a choice companionship to my daily scripture meditation.

[url=]Complete psalms and hymns of Isaac Watts[/url]
[url=]The Isaac Watts Collection on Cyber Hymnal[/url]
[url=]Complete Edition of Isaac Watts on Amazon[/url]

Blest is the man who shuns the place
Where sinners love to meet;
Who fears to tread their wicked ways,
And hates the scoffer's seat:

But in the statutes of the Lord
Has placed his chief delight;
By day he reads or hears the word,
And meditates by night.

He, like a plant of gen'rous kind,
By living waters set,
Safe from the storms and blasting wind,
Enjoys a peaceful state.

Green as the leaf, and ever fair,
Shall his profession shine
While fruits of holiness appear
Like clusters on the vine.

Not so the impious and unjust;
What vain designs they form!
Their hopes are blown away like dust,
Or chaff before the storm.

Sinners in judgment shall not stand
Amongst the sons of grace,
When Christ, the Judge, at his right hand
Appoints his saints a place.

His eye beholds the path they tread,
His heart approves it well
But crooked ways of sinners lead
Down to the gates of hell.

Paul Frederick West

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Joined: 2006/8/25
Posts: 1658
Indiana USA


Thanks for the quick response Brother Paul. I was really hoping to find an archive or two of his work, but I know you are right; his hymns are very powerful and will easily provide plenty to chew on.

I read a bio on him last night and all I can say is…WOW.

Thanks again.


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I do not know if you ahve seen this, but google has scanned many old and out of print books in to google book, many are free to download and are scans of originals, or around then.

Here is the page for Isaac Watts, be sure to loo to see if the book says full view(usually under, or nest to the picture of the book), these are downloadable.

[url=]Isaac Watts[/url]

patrick heaviside

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