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Very mutual Danielle. Very.


 2008/2/25 22:14

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I suppose this will be my final post in this thread. Today was Charles’ funeral. It was held at his church because the funeral home would not have been large enough. People were lined up all through the church and almost out the door for 2 hours to pay their respects to the family. There were around 2,000 people at the service, all of them people whose lives had been touched by Charles in some way.

After the burial when we met back at the church for a fellowship meal, I had a chance to talk to his wife and she shared with me the events of his last days.

She said that his eyesight had begun to be affected so he would have someone read a Psalm to him in the morning and one in the evening. While he was still able to speak, he would close his eyes as they would read a verse and he would repeat it.

He would say, “Who’s praising the Lord”. And she would say “I am Charles. I’m praising the Lord.” And he would answer “Let everyone praise the Lord.”

He eventually became unresponsive the night before his death.

That night, a woman patient from his floor was walking down the hall and began to become confused and fearful and she began screaming. Charles’ wife rushed to turn on the CD player so that he wouldn’t be disturbed by the noise. But his eyes flew open as he heard the lady crying out in fear. His last words were a prayer for the Lord to comfort her.

It seems odd that life should go on without him. Those of us who knew him have lost something precious that we were not able to fully appreciate while he was here. He was a man who genuinely cared about other people; a man whose desire was for Christ to be glorified through his life and his suffering; a man with a steadfast faith in Christ. He will be missed.


 2008/2/27 16:41Profile


Dear Danielle

I came "too late" to this thread, as its often difficult to keep up.

And yet... The Lord's timing is perfect, and He has exactly the right people praying for the many needs, the whole time.

What came to mind on reading that this dear man had gone to be with the Lord is words of Amy Carmichael, who worked in India to rescue children who had been given or sold into temple prostitution.

She said, when a dearly loved and much needed fellow-worker died. "We were learning the lesson of the weaned child - to do without"

Love in Him


 2008/2/27 17:13

 Re: Please pray for my boss

Dear Danielle,

I wanted to respond sooner, to this which you said

You will never know how much your posts have meant to me over the months or how many times I have come back to read them again because I needed to know that someone cared.

Maybe... but... just keep coming back when you need to, and allow yourself to re-group (as I call it), at your own pace.

Partly, you have become who you are, through knowing Charles. He has added to you in ways which will last, despite how conscious you are of his absence, and. it will take time for the room which he leaves, to be filled by others.

I want to encourage you simply to keep walking, growing, expecting to live in the Spirit anyway.

Thank you for all you've shared. This in particular is lingering with me.

“Let everyone praise the Lord.”

and this,
His last words were a prayer for the Lord to comfort her.

 2008/2/27 19:57

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