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Brother, if you're going to preach The Word, you must learn proper hermeneutics.

Three verses do not cancel out the WHOLE of the rest of the Bible.

Even one verse cannot cancel out tons of Scriptures.

You'd do well to read this guy, since I don't like going on & on with men.

On page 3, there is another good one about "Walking in the Spirit".

Besides what he's posted on this thread you started here.

BTW, you have formed "your opinion" upon 3 verses basically, instead of the whole of GOD's Word and that is where your hermeneutics is off.

 2007/7/20 16:26


So I suppose you'd like to throw out verses in the bible that don't line up with your theology. The bible goes together, every verse, no contridictions. If you throw out passages or ignore them, again, you are commiting idolatry and serving a god that you're comfortable with.

 2007/7/20 16:37


pm2, you're not being very original with your posts now.

What you just said is what I just said to you. :-(

Whatever makes you happy pm2. I recommended you further your discussion with men who KNOW the whole of the Bible.
But picking at women is easier I suppose.
Your First post and it's location was on the Intro & Welcome section of this Forum and that was an Intro enough for me to see where you place us all in your priorities.

Hope you can grow to love us here.

 2007/7/20 21:37

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The bible goes together, every verse, no contridictions. If you throw out passages or ignore them, again, you are commiting idolatry and serving a god that you're comfortable with.

It would be better to say that passages such as Psalm 5:5 make no sense at all than to conflict with the clear revelation of the vast majority of passages that reveal a God of love.

Regardless of how we interpret Psalm 5:5 we are faced with the revelation of Jesus Christ who is the image of the invisable God. Want to know how God 'feels' about something- what did Jesus say? Did He weep over a rebellious Jerusalem? That's how He feels about sinners. It was the disciples that wanted to call fire from heaven. Why? They knew not what manor of spirit they were of. Elijah did it? He was a righteous man; so why can't we do it? What 'manor' of spirit is that? Is it one that seeks to save or one that seeks to destroy?

Somehow I get the impression that some folk think a God of love is somehow a 'sissy' God so they have to somehow deflect His loving characteristics to make Him appear hostile and masculine. This is nonsense. Any dead fish can float downstream and anyone can hate a person. It is easy to hate and to hurt- but who can heal and love?

Robert Wurtz II

 2007/7/20 23:32Profile

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i think this original question has been answered well in saying the interpretation of the word "hate" is in question. It may come down to the fact that english is a poor dialect to read God's Word in compared to other dialects. There are many words used for love in greek but we are stuck with "love". So we look at the original greek for the meaning. Same with hate. Otherwise we are confounded to explain how

"Mal 3:6 For I [am] the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed. "


Exd 32:14 So the LORD changed His mind about the harm which He said He would do to His people.

 2007/7/21 8:39Profile


In HIS church and in HIS purposes and in HIS plans we as believers are the body of Christ. It is HIS plan, and in that plan, by HIS grace he has given all of us as individuals at least one gift to represent HIS BODY in to use in producing fruits. Do we produce them? NO, He does through us. Yes, We are but filty rags. The heart is evil above all else who can know it? All the gifts working together lifting up the name of Jesus. If he be lifted up he will draw all men to himself. When HIS SPIRIT comes to live within us as believers, we should and will hate sin even in our own life. If myself or any other member of SI a local church body, or a preacher specially names a particular sin. Usually the ones you see try nullify the named sin or the very ones who are convicted about the named sin and try and justify the sin or minumize the truth, draw attention away from it to another subject maybe. Example, when Mary brought the expensive perfume to annoint Jesus. What did Judas say? That could have been sold and given to the poor. Judas certainly named a worthy cause to give to the poor but was there a greater priority that Judas should have considered? Judas did not ask Jesus Lord is she doing the right thing? He gave his opinion without even consulting or asking Jesus what he thought. We can ask Jesus in HIS WORD for the answers. I enjoy each and everyone on SI. Many of our post are controversial subjects. Many of Paul's writings under the inspiration of the Holy SPirit were too. When you read Paul's writings and if you were to make up a resume based on what Paul taught and preached, It would be hard for me to see how he would even be given a second thought if he applied for a pastor's job in almost any church in America today. Just go through the New Testament and write down the things about what he said and make a resume as to what he stood for. I did that once and presented it in SS class. When you do that, you will be very aware just how far we strayed from the original New Testament Church. One other point. When you ask most people if all the gifts Paul had are available to the church today, most will say well yea. Paul was given the authority to the Holy Spirit to write the inspired WORD of God. And when we look in Revelations we see we don't have that authority to add or take away. Much of God's Word is used to break us down as well as build us up. It is used to break down our flesh and build up the Spirit. Remember what God told Jeremiah in the first chapter.
Jer 1:10
10 See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.
Am I saying he has given me the same job as Jeremiah. Not exactly, He has given the body that job working together.
Thanks SI for your fellowship, encouragment and yes even when I have need to be pulled down and rooted out and also when we are built up and the seeds planted.
If Peter had allowed rebuking to put him out or discourage him to quit, he would have never preached on the day of Pentecost. Jesus gives us that bulldog spirit along with the love and peace that passes all understanding. He will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are stayed on HIM.

 2007/7/21 11:36

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