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 the 2008 Beijing Olympics

this might have been a news item, but i think it rather a prayer point, so I put it in general. I just recieved this from the VOM prayer e-letter:

More than 100 Christians Expelled – China Aid Association
Between April and June 2007, more than 100 foreign Christians accused of being involved in illegal religious activities were expelled from China. It is believed the campaign, called Typhoon No. 5, is part of the Chinese government's efforts to prevent foreign Christians from engaging in mission activities before the Beijing Olympics in 2008. China Aid Association (CAA) reports, "This is the largest expulsion of foreign missionaries since 1954 when the Chinese Communist government expelled all foreign religious workers after taking power in 1949. At least five different mission agencies and sources within the Chinese government report that in February, the government launched a massive expulsion campaign against foreign Christians." Pray for believers in China. Ask God to reveal himself to Chinese authorities and bring them into fellowship with Him. 1 Corinthians 15:57, Psalm 32:7

that ALONE should have us sending letters into elected Congressman and Senators to start a BOYCOTT NOW.

Don't forget this, even though EVERY consumer item we buy has "made in China" on it, this nation's leadership is still a gaggle of godless communist's who have no compunction to torture, harass, expell, and just outright persecute other follower's of Jesus, whether they be homegrown house churches or foreign missionaries.

The tough thing now for America as a nation is that we have gotten "addicted" to low cost chinese consumer goods, even if we decided not to buy this stuff, we ceded our manufacturing base of the most basic consumer goods to the People's Republic of China.

the only good thing I can say, is that at least they were only "expelled", not hanged or shot, or burned at the stake.

we should boycott the 08 Olympics.But I don't think that would fly: Too many Americans make too much money off these communists.


 2007/7/19 10:28

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